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"The Hero's Journey" Aka Monomyth Essay

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"The Hero's Journey" aka MonomythThe concept of the Hero's Journey was described by mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces' and refined by Christopher Vogler in his book 'The Writer's Journey'.It can be boiled down to four stages: - Separation/Departure: the Hero leaves the familiar world behind. - Struggle/Initiation: the Hero learns to navigate the unfamiliar world of adventure. - Return/Reintegration: the Hero returns to the familiar world. - Gift/New Power: the hero has been given or has acquired something from his journey of great value he had not ...view middle of the document...

The Journey game intentionally fits this model exactly, even referring specific steps in the soundtrack's titles.The Harry Potter books can also be seen to be cyclic in this fashion, although the journey was followed more closely in the earlier installments. The sixth and seventh books are arguably one cycle divided into two parts. With the final book having been split into two films, the last three films kind of form their own mini-trilogy, with each installment covering a step in the departure-initiation-return model. An interesting element is the fact that in the first five books/films, the Muggle world is the ordinary world and Hogwarts is the world of adventure, but in the Prince/Hallows duology/trilogy, Hogwarts has become the ordinary world and now it is the world beyond Hogwarts which is the world of adventure.Compare Campbell's description of the journey with Booker's The Seven Basic Plots, especially the plots of Overcoming the Monster, The Quest, and Voyage and Return. Like Campbell, Booker invests a lot of symbolism in the various elements, to the point where messing up the symbolism kills the story for him (for example, he calls Star Wars flawed because they rescued the princess way before they killed the Big Bad, when ideally those should happen at the same time, since the death of the Monster causes the release of the Anima).

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