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The Heroes That Soon Will Gone When The Time Has Come Edited

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My childhood story on flood
That was the last time I ever wanted to do... Long ago in a neighborhood named as TAMAN BERINGIN KOTA MARUDU, there was dark brown water. Full of the fragrance of unpleasant smells and dunk. With dirty and craps. All of the people this entire homeland and also the neighborhood TAMAN BERINGIN, responded with yuck, yuck, yuck. But, long onwards, they were no longer said yuck, but... they say Oh my god... please save us the sinners and we will prepare feast if you do so. I supposed the God has heard their pleas. So, that’s why there was a change in TAMAN BERINGIN. The flood became much worse.

And there is a boy that is still holding a lollipop, short and chubby, ...view middle of the document...

You are much worse than dunks and poops. You have brain but you still stupid.”

Unfortunately, the boy is still alive. A very kind soul of heaven saved him. He was saved by a great hero of honor that is swimming and fighting through the fast and swift-flowing hell of brownish deep flood. The hero was a man with a thinning hair swept back at his forehead. His bald head was shining bright like a diamond in the sky. He was the chubby boy’s father. Soon, his father was bringing his son to their home while the boy was still in a half on conscience and still not awake. But… in a half conscience, he felt his father’s shoulders. The sigh and breath can be heard. His father’s heart was beating faster; the sign of anxiety, anger, depressed and loving. He heard his father said whispering again and again “You, a fool child! If you die I will also die!” his father always loves him more than his own soul. The chubby boy learned a lesson. Whatever his parents said on dangerous things to do was true after all. He became much wiser now because he is obedient in whatever his father said and he takes the...

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