The Hooded Figure Essay

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A musty wet cloud of deadness was all about the chamber as a hooded figure stepped into the chamber. In the middle of the chamber was a huge fountain. The fountain had a mysterious glow that came from the ceiling. The hooded figure stopped just before the fountain, confused about which path to take for there were four paths in any of the four cardinal directions. The hooded figure came to it stopped and turned circles in his mind about which [path to take. The figure decided to take a short nap and decide in a moment.
Argo came from the west hopping from branch to branch with no difficulty at all. Suddenly from the corner of his eye came a streaming bolt of white magic bound for his ...view middle of the document...

First he smelled it before quenching his thirst. A few seconds later the light on the fountain started to travel to a northern path. A door opened before the light reached it. The hooded figure decided to follow the light to the door. As the figure just passed through the door way the door swung shut right behind him. As the only option now the figure started to run toward the light when the light opened up to a forest. The figure slowed to a stop. Finding himself in the middle of a forest the figure took his hood of only to reveal flowing blond hair. The figure was a Moon Elf as well. But it was a female. She knelt to the ground picked some grass smelling it as for clues to what has gone out side since she has been in side for so long. The elf started to run towards the north. She was on her way to the City of Elves.
“Argo!” called Arros “Report.”
“Sir.” Argo said as he came up behind Arrows.
“There is a moon elf traveling to are city I would like u to go meet him.”
“Yes. Sir.”
Argo stepped out...

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