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The Horrors Of The Boko Haram

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The Horrors of Boko Haram
When people hear the word terrorism, fear becomes a primary emotion. There are many different kinds of terrorism that can occur. There are also many different kinds of groups that can use terrorism to influence others or get the results they seek. But to the person or group committing terrorism it isn’t terrorism in their eyes. In their eyes, it becomes a type of political or social protest. This is key in understanding the Boko Haram simply because they truly believed what they were doing was right and by doing the heinous activities they would get their point across. It is also important to see what theoretical perspectives the Boko Haram ties into and ...view middle of the document...

One of the worst kidnappings the Boko Haram did was on April 2014, “created international condemnation by abducting more than 200 schoolgirls from Chibok town in Borno state” (BBC News). The Boko Haram has killed numerous people, burned down homes, used suicide bombers, and taken territory over simply to prove their cause and try to get the outcome that they want.
When talking about the Boko Haram, some theoretical perspectives arise that can help explain why they are committing the acts throughout Africa and help explain the group itself. The first theory that stuck out was the Strain Theory by Robert Merton. More specifically the Rebellion part of the Strain Theory because of the fact that the main point of that is the people or groups will rebel. They will rebel if they do not like how certain things are and try to change them to their beliefs anyway possible, most of the time violence is a huge part of that. Another theoretical perspective that relates with the Boko Haram is Symbolic Interactionism. The reason is because to the people involved in Boko Haram all the destruction, pain, and death they create is because of their goal and is all justified in their eyes. All that matters to the Boko Haram is getting their point across and accomplishing their mission to which, they will do whatever means necessary. These theories have a strong influence on the reasoning behind the Boko Haram and make it known what makes them the way they are.
The Boko Haram was created for many different reasons but two things that had an impact on why it became as big as it did was due to globalization and the global village. Globalization is generally speaking when ideas are shared and spread by different cultures. Globalization played an important factor into the Boko Haram because the process of nations sharing cultures was what threatened the Boko Haram. The...

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