The House Of Reps And Senate

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Gabe Anderson PVCC Government Period 7 January 11, 2009 9 Weeks Essays There are numerous constitutional requirements to serve in the Senate, House of Representatives, President, and Supreme Court that differ among each. The requirements to become a Senator are specifically spelled out in Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution. All individuals that are going to run must be at thirty years of age, a United States citizen for at least nine years at the time of the Senate election and a resident of the state that they would like to represent. The requirements to serve in the House of Representatives are spelled out in Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution. Individuals must be twenty ...view middle of the document...

Education, politic rich family history, wealth (mostly for campaigning), and one’s own experience in politics are additional factors that help one serve in one of the said branches. There have been a plethora of Supreme Court cases and decisions in our history, but several are of higher importance. The most important and influential in all would definitely be Marbury vs. Madison decision, which established the entire concept of Judicial Review. This stated that the Supreme Court can declare laws of congress or acts of government unconstitutional. This was not part of the original constitution, but this case made the Judicial Branch arguably strong. In the last days of John Adam’s presidency, William Marbury, along with several others, was appointed to government positions. These arrangements were never carried out and they tried suing for their jobs. The Supreme Court ruled his claim unconstitutional. Overall, if the Supreme Court did not have the power of judicial review, who knows how powerful they would have been if had happened differently. Roe vs. Wade was another Supreme Court case that was significant especially in changing rights for women. A woman, known as Jane Roe, sued Dallas County to allow her to carry out an abortion because she was pregnant as a result of rape. The court ruled against and for but declined to lift an injunction that banned abortion. The case then made its way to the Supreme Court where the ban of abortions was lifted and gave women the right to have a legal, safe abortion. It was a major decision because it allowed women to now participate fully and equally in society. Brown vs. Board of Education is one of the most remembered Supreme Court cases due to its withholding surrounding the basis of desegregation of school. African American children were not allowed to attend...

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