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The Hunger Games Facebook Website Essay

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Love and hope, together are a timeless literary thematic duo, which continue to inspire countless variations and sub-genres of romance literature. For many centuries, romance as a genre, is arguably the most popular of all narratives. However, the theme of love often takes precedence and overarches other thematic interpretation of stories. So why then are people seeking romance in the literature they read? Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games with the intent of introducing her young adult readership to a number of politically charged themes. Although Collins' work is acknowledged for successfully presenting themes of sacrifice, versions of reality, and power; conversely, her audience ...view middle of the document...

. . our fascination now, with reality television. . ." (Collins, interview 2). Collins continues to describe her inspiration: while watching television one evening she quickly moved through the many stations, as the stations flipped images of both The Iraq War and reality-television began to merge and she found the amalgamation of images disturbing (Collins, interview 2). From this realization, the concept for The Hunger Games emerged, giving the author a sense of direction. As she proposes, her novel brings about awareness to a number of profound subjects. In particular, according to Collins, the tale of Katniss Everdeen exposes her readership to concepts of desensitization and the idea of food as a tool of power within a society (Collins, Interview 9). Indeed, as a writer, Collins successfully articulates her dominant hegemonic themes and perhaps the most obvious of the intended themes, as epitomized by the title, is the concept of starvation and food as a tool of power. Surreptitiously, Collins constructs a comparison for her audience that reveals her notion of North American's disconnect from the production of food in a scene exposing Katniss' astonishment towards the nonchalant attitude's of the people in The Capitol towards the abundance of food at their disposal. Katniss compares the effort she would have to make as a hunter to procure and prepare food of the same caliber: "[w]hat it must be like, I wonder, to live in a world where food appears at the press of a button? How would I spend the hours I now commit to combing the wood for sustenance if it were so easy to come by?" (Collins, 65). Collins introduces her intended young adult readership to a variety of contrary perspectives by exposing them to concepts they may not yet understand. By developing a strong sense of pathos between her audience and her protagonist, Katniss, Collins constructs an avenue whereby she delivers her message.
High School educator Amber Simmons substantiates Collins' intended influence on her readership using a sophisticated lesson plan that draws attention to the primary theme; thereby, employing The Hunger Games as an educational tool. Simmons maintains that through Collins' novel, she can teach her students about hunger and poverty in the United States of America by paralleling Collins' presentation of Katniss' circumstances with those who are in fact poverty stricken in America. Simmons' astute lesson plan plays off the emotional connection between the authors' audience and protagonist and in so doing Simmons ". . . [raises] awareness and [advocate] for change [;] such projects encourage [her] students to assess their world and take action against the social problems they observe. . ."(24). Simmons' appreciation for "food" as a symbol of wealth and luxury in Collins' novel allows her to contrast and develop a binary through which she demonstrates to her students how "food" is a tool of power. Nevertheless, how does this exploration relate to the misguided...

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