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The Idea Of A Cultured Gentleman

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The idea of a cultured gentleman

Gentle is the one who can feel the pain of others. A gentleman is one who helps others who are in pain and anguish. Most of the people in the world are interested in their own affairs. Even an animal and a bird looks after itself and its young ones. Even the most evil person would sacrifices his pleasures for his children. But in their dealing with others they are vise incarnate, Shall we call then gentleman? Being dear to ones own children does not make a gentleman. A gentleman is one who is happy in the happiness of others and weeps at the discomfort of others.
Outward appearances do not go to make a man gentleman. A handsome person may be heartless. Modern man wears a mask on his face and tries to show himself gentleman. A politician, a businessmen, an official may be very polite. He may behave very well. He may sympathies with you. It is his outward behavior. It is either to gain ...view middle of the document...

A gentleman would give more importance to the opinions of others. He has the grace to give you importance and place his opinion for your consideration. He has a character and an impulsing force which is valuable.
A gentleman considers himself the unit of the society. He is indebted to the society. He is indebted to the society for his own portion whatever it is. He considers himself an humble soul even if he is at an important position. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an humble gentleman, the prime minister of India. So was Abrahman Lincon, the President of U.S.A was an ordinary gentleman.
A cultured man and the gentleman is on who has an friendly approach and an understanding approach to life and problems. As pandit Nehru said that a cultured person has the capacity to understand others point of view and make himself understood by others. He is kind and considerate to all without distinction, but is specially careful of the weak and suffering. In short, a cultured man has lack enough moral force to turn any occasion of friction and quarrel into one of co-operation and friendship. As a result of this friendly and sympathetic approach, he is at good terms with all. All are his friends and none his enemies.
As a cultured man passes most of his time in contact with the noblest, that has ever been written, he is entirely unselfish and honest in his dealings. Service to fellowmen is his ideal of life. He does his best to extend his opportunities to others, to make the path of others easy and smooth. His greater pleasure is to remove the hindrances and other obstacles from the way of the others. He knows that virtue is its own reward and that a good turn done to others carries within, its own satisfaction. As a result, he is always happy contented and at peace with himself. He serves his fellowman not because of any ulterior motives but because service gives him pleasure. He does expect anything in return. Besides this, he serves all without distinction. Just as the sun shines upon all an makes no distinction of good and evil, so also a cultured man is kind and loving to all.
Thus a cultured man is noble, kind and unselfish. In short he is perfect gentleman such as rarely met within real life.

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