The Ideal University Essay

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What is the ideal university?

There is no best one in the world, but probably the better university is the

promising university which has good facilities and well-trained jfaculties.

My idea of ideal university is large size with advanced ficilities

in it which means complete learning system. Of course, there are

experienced teachers, professors and well-equipped laboratories. So

that we students can learn as much as we can, as if we were sponges

in the knowledge sea. After all, we make it to the top university

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I hope my ideal univerisity has many big
trees for us to take a rest under the big shalldow of trees and recite our
textbooks and also think about the blueprint.I also can have a nap on

the bench under the trees,it is a good rest for my mind and body.

Classmates and teachers is important in universities.When I do

projects and group work even homeworks, I can debate with my

classmates and make senses.Industrious classmates may make a

good influence on me,he may stimulate me a lot whatever in study

and life while lazy friends will lead us to hopeless future.And

teachers in universities should master their own professional

knowledge instantly to students.The commnication between

students and teachers is important, teachers always give

suggestions to students to help them with their study.

Moreover, the location of the university is another important

factor.It's better to locate among departments,it's safe for students

to study or live here.And the convient traffic is far more important

electment for university, it's easy to get there and also we can take

the convienent traffic to everyhere we want with our friends.

In addition, the school...

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