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The Impact And Cause Of Absenteeism

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Executive SummaryFirstly it became instantly clear in this report highlights poor levels of absenteeism, and it is obvious that management and supervisors act on absenteeism as soon as possible to better the department, organisation and the employees. It is also tremendously important for staff to know that absenteeism should and will not be tolerated anymore; otherwise it would lead to worsening absenteeism and a host of other negative effects on the workers and on the organisation.We have mentioned instances like the Royal Mail Group to comprehend that there are many success stories in business where absenteeism was reduced to an acceptable rate instead of stopping days of ...view middle of the document...

This might be, either to more hectic "working conditions - more demanding clients and heavier responsibilities - or to less stoical workers, who shirk at the first opportunity rather than embrace challenges as they come". It has shown that small organisations suffer significantly less absenteeism than their larger counterparts, with 4.9 lost days per employee per year, 30 per cent less than the 6.8 days average. "The reasons are clear: in a small company, workers have more contact with senior staff, a clear sense of the goals of the company and make a contribution that plays a key role in the organisation as a whole. In a large organisation, employees frequently lack all of these things; and overemployment makes it easy for responsibilities to be passed on to one's colleagues". Appendix(1)(Financial Times 2004)Costs of Absenteeism in the UKPublished and surveyed by The Confederation of British Industry (CDI) in 2003 revealed £11.6 billion was paid to pay and cover staff absence, which is an average cost of £476 per employee. (Mind your Business 2004). This is an improvement on the previous years. It is at lowest rate in 15 years but costs are still growing presumably for the rising price of labour. (Roberts, P. 2003)"Lower rates of absence means costs are likely to be lower, overtime bills may be reduced; business planning will be made easier; good attenders will not feel that they are being regularly asked to take on the work of poor attenders; output may be higher or sales or whatever the "product" of the organisation may be higher". (Bolton, T. & Huges, S. 2001)Causes of AbsenteeismTo manage absenteeism successfully you have to know the root causes of absenteeism. Causes of absence are divided into three major factors, these being individual factors, the nature of the job and environmental factors. These can range from general attitude to attendance at work, to organisational issues such as management styles and the effectiveness of organisational processes and procedures. There are a number of factors external to both the individual and the organisation such as ease of travel to work. It is important to recognise that absenteeism is not always and employee-centred problem. When investigating the causes of high levels of absence it is wise to consider all possible contributing factors.Being absent from work can always have many reason. Here are the top fives:1) cold or flue2) stomach upset or food poisoning3) headache and migraine4) back problems5) stressIndividual Factors:Age and gender is an important point to look at, for instance personal problems and family sickness could lead an individual to be absent. Motivation, Satisfaction and the morale of the employee are playing a big role for non-attendance. Dissatisfaction for instance due to excessive demand or because of non integration in the workplace group could also effect to absenteeism.The nature of work:Leadership and management style can be a big influence in the...

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