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The Impact Of Broader Internet And Multimedia Effects On The Usda Animal Care Department

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The Impact of Broader Internet and Multimedia effects on the USDA Animal Care Department
Teany D. Gerkin
Capella University

This paper explorer the impact that broader internet and multimedia effect on the USDA Animal Care. As of now the USDA Animal Care department is working under limited capabilities, by expanding its internet functions the department would grant its customer better and faster service.

If you wanted to start business that sold or bread pets you must be license by the United States government and renew that application every year. How much time, money and effort would you think it would take ...view middle of the document...

In order to enforce animal import regulation and support livestock disease research, the Veterinary Division became the Bureau of Animal Industry. Once Congress passed the AWA in 1966, it provided the minimum standard of animal care guidelines in order for those animals to be used for commercial use, for exhibition or commercial transportation (USDA, n.d.)
E-commerce evaluation
The USDA's website can be located at and is an information and database website. The database provides customer with the means to get information on permits and certification. It also offers easy access to downloadable forms and informational guides used within the Animal Care department. The website can also be used to request information using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA allows customers to access any releasable information on individuals or companies that are licensed or hold a registration within the USDA. Additionally, there is a USDA blog located on the website to provide further information to the customers. The Blog option facilitates trending information about animal care and provides customer with educational opportunity (USDA, n.d.) .
The main strength of this website is how easy it is to navigate and to understand. By allowing customers to obtain quick and easy information, the USDA helps clients better prepare for future inspections. Furthermore, the rules and regulations tab on the website proves to be a valuable tool since the rules are often updated and because each governing states fall under different laws. Another very useful too for consumers is the access to the FOIA. By allowing FOIA's to be requested by customers, they can make better sound decision on purchasing animals from a reputable source (Suttle, n.d.).
Although, the APHIS website has many positive aspects; there are several areas that need vast improvements. With a large customer base, the website is often slow and frequently crashes. Furthermore, it is limited when it comes to expediting the license and registration process because the information packages cannot be entirely obtained thru the website. The main complaint of consumers is they are not able to pay their fees using the internet and they are not able to see their status throughout the application process (USDA,n.d.).
Implications of the Internet and social media
According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Institute (2014), " 90% of American adults have a cell phone, 58% have smartphone, 32% own an e-reader and 42% own a tablet computer." These findings indicate that the greatest way to capture the attention of the public or making information accessible is thru the use of internet. Additionally, these findings present an excellent opportunity within the USDA Animal Care to push forward and allow customer transactions using the internet.
SWOT Analysis
The identifiable strengths within the USDA is that with the already accessible website customers...

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