The Impact Of Changes In Supply, Demand, And Pricing

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Generally we are affected by changes in our environment in many different ways. People reactions to those almost any change will vary. With the increased technology we have become accustom to products which provide us with convince, and often feel they are necessary for us to maintain existence. Sudden changes in supply and demand and pricing could lead us to analyze our need for a particular product or service, and consider using alternative methods. The alarming increase in gas prices at the pump is a challenge that is prevalent in most households today.There is a definite need or demand for gas; consumers tend to rely heavily on personal and public transportation which create a need for ...view middle of the document...

Summer time normally means increased travel personal travel and business travel. Which stimulated a increased in the demand for gasoline and increase in prices. U.S gasoline demand has increased in the last four weeks from 9.4 billions barrels a day, and are up 2.3 percent of number produce this time last year. ( July 25,2005) These events decrease the gasoline supply. Other factors that could affect our current supply would be refine outages, pipe line breaks, tanker spills and war in importing countries could increase prices even higher.A change in the behavior of the consumer in find alternate means of transportation, such as bikes. The consumer could purchase solar power vehicles. People could change their life style to where they only work in place where they could walk to work. This would decrease the demand and force the price down. Because the American public generally value their luxuries, the possible of gas price decreasing due to consumption in rare. Even though we are reluctant to change our human behaviors we do love bargains.The rise gas prices and the hunt for cheaper gas prompted the media to publish locations where you can find cheaper gasoline. By logging on to and selecting my car from the...

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