The Impact Of Changing Technology On The Everyday Life Of Australians In The Post War Period

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Outline the impact of changing technology on the everyday life of Australians in the post-war period
The changing technology in housing in the post-war period such as the introduction of new, more efficient designs that focused on functionality and minimal details improved the Australian way of life. The use of these designs made housing affordable for lower-class families. The new designs also persuaded Australians to reject conservative values of previous periods and embraced the idea of building in relation to space, technology and engineering techniques. For example, Source 8.14 conveys an image of functionalism. In addition, housing styles changed as a result of the lack of ...view middle of the document...

It also demonstrates that there are now appliances for nearly every domestic function in the home. The spread of home appliances such as the ones in Source 19.4 was fuelled by refinements in mass production - which lowered prices - and the rise of credit. Further, the promotion of the 'new' kitchen, evident in Source 19.5, represents an age which was highly confident and people thought that perfection in hygiene and practicality was desirable. However, the continual technological improvements meant that home appliances became outdated quickly. This led to environmental waste problems.Source 19.4 Source 19.5In the post-war period, entertainment has changed dramatically. In 1956, the introduction of the television increased home entertainment. It also saw Australia become well acquainted with American culture. Australians began to identify and emulate American values, ideas, humour, style and trends. Moreover, Australians were able to stay aware about global events and participate in important social changes such as the women's liberation movement. In the 1960s, the introduction of the video tape and satellite technology revolutionised news production. However, in recent years, the rapid advances in entertainment such as television, computer games and the internet have raised public health and interpersonal issues in a 21st century society.Since 1950, communications in Australia has advanced rapidly. The introduction of the television in 1956 has changed the way we receive information and experience the world. Large amounts of information such as the broadcast of the first moon...

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