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The Impact Of Dr. King's Vision On My Life

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The Impact of Dr. King's Vision on My Life

In the summer of 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went to Chicago, Illinois, to further press his campaign of equal rights for all Americans. Dr. King led a march through Chicago and some of its neighboring suburbs to promote that ideal. To many, this march is best known for the negative treatment of the peaceful demonstrators in the more racially prejudiced suburbs of Chicago: Berwyn and Cicero. When the demonstrators reached those two suburbs, rocks and bottles were hurled at them by onlookers who did not agree with the peaceful beliefs of Dr. King and others participating in the march. However, Dr. King was prepared for this kind of reaction ...view middle of the document...

King's lieutenants proves that Dr. King stressed the importance of respect for women. He did not want women or children to be subjected to the dangers of hurling objects while they were marching. He felt that the men should stand on the outside to protect the women and children who marched. He did not want anything to happen to them as they marched for racial equality. Dr. King was a gentleman in this regard and probably was appalled by others putting women and children in this kind of danger.

Even though bigots heaved objects at Dr. King and his followers, Dr. King never authorized physical retaliation. He would have his followers continue to sit in or march. The use of a peaceful resistance gained widespread empathy for Dr. King and his vision for civil rights for all people. He believed in peace for all people, and he did not want to harm someone he considered his brother or sister. He also believed that all people were children of God and did not deserve to be treated in a violent manner. Dr. King impressed my father and many others because they might have wavered from this peaceful practice at times, yet even after repeated assaults, he remained non-violent until his tragic death.

Also, Dr. King did not give up when he was faced with adversity. He continued to strive for complete freedom for all people and did not stop when others constantly...

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