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The Impact Of Eu Cohesion Policy In Greece From 2000 To 2006:The Cases Of Two Greek Municipalities

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Description of the topic
General View
Cohesion policy in the European Union has the intended purpose of reducing differences between the member states in matters of economic, social and territorial importance and works to ensure that each region achieves its full potential. Moreover, Article 174 of the Lisbon Treaty states that the policy aims to promote ‘overall harmonious development’ of the EU through the ‘strengthening of its economic, social and territorial cohesion’. According to the European Commission, ignoring the disparities that are apparent across the EU would undermine the single market and single currency, justifying the large percentage of the budget that is spent on these ...view middle of the document...

Last but not least, we have to underscore the major reform of Local Government Authorities which was introduced also in 1997.This reform introduced a drastic reduction of the number of municipalities and also transferred some power/responsibilities from the central government to the local authorities.
Focusing again to the EU Cohesion Funds we have to underscore the importance of the 2000-2006 Community Support Framework.As we mentioned this period is very crucial for Greece because in 2001 the country joined the Eurozone and this had as a result to be more competitive in the global arena.Moreover,we can state also that in the beginning of this period there was also a reduction of inflation and public deficits. Furthermore, the public corporations and organizations changed their structure framework in order to remove all their institutional-organizational burdens concerning some competitiveness issues. This had as an outcome some improvements in the national economy. Besides, it is important to underscore that many Greek companies and products entered in other national markets. This change helped significantly the energy, telecommunications and transport infrastructures and industries. All these changes boomed the profitability of public and private corporations and fostered the private investments in public companies.Moreover,this had also a positive impact concerning some reforms in  the fields of public works, industrial infrastructure, and the support and training of the labor force.
In this research we are going to focus mainly in this last Community Support Framework (2000-2006).Moreover, we are going to observe-compare the absorption of the funds from the CSF in two medium-sized Greek municipalities.These are Kozani and Tripoli. As we know Kozani is a municipaliy which is a part of the Western Macedonia Region.Moreover, the region assigned to the municipality to accomplish the following objectives from 2000-2006. They had to accomplish 21 obectives.The most important of them had to do with the reduction of unemployment,the promotion of equal opportunities for employment,the improvement of transport,health and education infastructures and the promotion concerning the environmental and cultural heritage of the municipaliy.
Tripoli (the other municipality which is important for our research) is a municipality which is a part of the Peloponesse Region.As far as we are concerned the region assigned to the municipality of Tripoli to accomplish 22 objecttives.The most important of them had to do with the improvement of the welfare state in the area,water policy and water infastructure,the improvement of the tourism infastructures and finally an attempt to support the sustainable development in the rural area of the municipality.

Research Question
As we mentioned previously we are going to observe the absorption of the EU Cohesion Funds from the aforementioned local authorities for the period 2000-2006. But in order to make our...

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