The Impact Of Glass Technology Essay

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The Impact of Glass Technology
Nowadays technology was developed extremely fast. From dekstop, now we have laptop, from smartphone now we have Glass technology. What is Glass technology? Basicly it’s like smartphone but you use a glasses to control almost everything you need in smartphone and it doesn’t required other device but can connected with your other devices.

Firstly, Glass technology innovated by Google Inc. Which called Google glass. They’re realized that people needs technology which more effective, efficient,and off course have to be simple thing. From that idea they try to move smartphone technology into a glasses. By use this glasses you can schedule your day easier to manage your time because you know what already done and what will you do later. You can snap what you see and share it to your friends and community. You can still connected with people and make a conversation even video call. Make phone calls, sms, emails though Google Glass, ...view middle of the document...

No public privacy concern so the worry of leaking out information still remains. Competition is on pace. The future might bring a contact lens version of Glass after which Google Glass is supposed to sink.

Relation Between Science and Religion
“Science investigates; religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values.the two are not rivals. They are commplimentary. Science keeps religion from sinking into the valleyof crippling iirationalism and paralyzing obscuratism. Religion prevents science from falling into the marsh of obsolete materialism and moral nihilism.” – Martin Luther king, Jr.
This quotes means science/knowledge without religion is nothing, religion without science is also nothing. But when you collaborate them you can get everything. Science gives you the knowledge about this world about everything around you by facts. And religion teaches you to understand this world, to know everything in this world is connected you should keep them balance. Religion teaches you by morality, you have to think others because human is social being. Every single act you did, every single job you done. You have to contribute with others, with your social, with people around you, and especially with the nature you live.

I agree with Marting Luther king,Jr said. Because when you just use your knowledge without religion, you will become selfish. You just thinking how to get what you want without thinking what you did or will you do is right or wrong. You will be greedy, you don’t care about around you. You don’t care about people who needs. You don’t care about nature where you exploits. However what you did to get what you want would you think is right, although wreak. Religion teaches you about moral, which is right and which is wrong. Religion prevents science from falling into the marsh of obsolete materialism. Religion teaches you to care with others and with nature you live in. But when you only use religion you become foolish. You say to people but actually you don’t know what you did. So science and religion are complimenter, they are bound and connected each other.

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