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The Impact Of Globalisation On Multinational Companies

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Table of Contents
The Impact of Globalisation on Multinational Companies 2
Introduction 2
McDonalds’ Introduction 3
Globalisation and McDonald’s 3
Globalisation strategy of McDonald 5
1. Think Globally but Act Locally 7
2. Pricing 8
3. Advertising/Promotional strategies 8
4. Social responsibility 9
Challenges for McDonald 10
Conclusion 11
Reference 12

The Impact of Globalisation on Multinational Companies

Globalization is a term used to describe the trend of growth; trade practices between undertakings perform beyond the geographic and economic boundaries, so that they exist (Waters, 2001 Brinkman, Brinkman, 2002). Globalization is used to describe ...view middle of the document...

McDonalds’ Introduction

October 1947, opened its first restaurant in the UK, and 30 years later, in December 2004 totalled 1,330 restaurants across the UK. Approximately 60% of the Restaurant management, franchising, operating companies and other people. ( 2013)
Most of McDonald's in 1940. Fast-food restaurant McDonald's as simple founded in 1940 by two brothers. Morris and Richard started by two brothers in California, McDonald's USA. If the name of McDonald's “McDonald’s hamburger ." A few years later, McDonald profit of $ 3,50,000 . Named Raymond Kroc milkshake machine distributor known about this business and dealing with two brothers and received a franchisee McDonald `s, and the creation of a system created by McDonald` s, McDonald's franchise company. In 1955, he became one of the founders of the company, through the purchase of shares is $ 2,700,000 . He also changed the name of the company, McDonald `s, he distinguished himself as a modern American restaurant industry innovation. McDonald's of dollars in the world, $ 2500000000 goodwill of the most valuable brands. McDonald's has been in the United States established its roots in the United States, but now days , it has become the world's citizens . ( 2013)
Globalisation and McDonald’s

McDonald 's worldwide expansion of McDonaldization of society . This is the June 1967 launch in Canada than in the United States , first , a very few are successful . In July 1971 , McDonald 's , a local company in Tokyo , Japan , Fujita hut open to a partnership . Almost 20 years later , in 1990, McDonald ` s Moscow , Russia was . He was waiting for them to turn around 40,000 people rode. Very large 23675 square foot restaurant in Moscow . In Russia , McDonald ` s 55,000 to 45,000 customers each day . Due to overwhelming demand , the company is a modern food processing plant near Moscow have been established . (Watson,2006)
McDonald 's restaurants in Shenzhen, China is more open than in Russia in 1990 . This restaurant is successful, the opening day was attended by 40,000 people . Moscow restaurant also 28,000 square meters , a large area of ​​30 cash counter . This is China's McDonald 's , McDonald ` s , and a joint venture in Beijing Agriculture , Industry and Commerce Corporation . (McDonalds 2006)
Two years later, in 1992 , McDonald ` s began in Poland . The cross section is open for the first day of the recording industry , namely , Russia and China are the two principles . Also , make sure that Eastern Europe 's most popular countries . The following chart shows McDonald 's created world . ( 2013)
This table expresses total revenue of the McDonald’s in different region.

Globalisation strategy of McDonald

McDonald is one of the most successful fast food . McDonald goal , to create a non-standard products, Singapore , South Africa and Spain are in the McDonald 's , customers will enjoy the same taste . McDonald as the...

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