The Impact Of Retail Atmosphere On Consumer Behavior

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A recent research results that specialist store (Malls) earn more attention than normal stores. Furthermore they did not find any significant impact of event themes on store choice decisions (Sands, Oppewal & Beverland, 2008).
A study explored behavioral intentions and how they respond in the environment of a retail store. Therefore gap has been identified that the future research should be focused on physical surroundings where the consumers buy goods/services, have social interaction and gain consumption experience (Bitner, 1990).
Turley Millman (2002) idea was to analyze the impact of atmospheric element on consumer service experience by developing a framework (use as a research tool) ...view middle of the document...

The color is also very important element to capture consumer attention. In marketing research color is mostly study in the areas of advertising and packaging .Retailer has used color to project image or create a desired atmosphere. Some colors have power to enhance approach propensity but retailers need to focus on those colors which persuade shoppers to shop and make them focus to their display (Hasty et al, 1983) .A color schemes adopted by a retail store can influence store image, arousal level, spending time, purchasing rates, enjoyable feelings, and most of all increase the ability to attract a shopper toward a retail display (Turley & Milliman, 2000).
According to a study customer make their decision within 90 seconds by having first contact with the sales person or commodities. The evaluation on color individually is 62-90 percent. Wise choice of color schemes can not only differentiate product from the competitor but also influence consumer emotional feelings and their approach towards certain products (Singh, 2006). In another study it was explored that the colors and different schemes affect perceptions, attitude and also results in creating behavioral differences (Robson, 1999).
In the context on retail atmospheric studies, it was explore that color has an ability to attract more customers (Bellizzi et al, 1983) and it also enhance a pleasurable feeling in customers (Bellizzi & Hite, 1992).
Countryman (2006) studied some atmospheric elements such as tint, light and techniques .It was resulted to be extensively connected to the overall notion of a hotel entrance hall. Data were gathered by using a situational approach, presentation of the snaps of the hotel reception area. AMOS (SEM) was conducted for the examination of figures to find out which of the atmospheric elements were more applicable in the overall intuition of the hotel entrance. He measured color with the help of three facets which were beautiful, soothing and pleasant. The results showed that color was the most important of these three atmospheric elements.
One of the problems in making the color choice is that it is an art than a science, and manager do not has planned guideline to follow. It is a trail and error process through which a company selects a color which appeals more than other to its customers and which they gain from their experience (Gorn et al, 1997).

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