The Impact Of The Governance System

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Marble Cake Federalism, also known as Cooperative Federalism is defined as an intertwined relationship across various levels of government. All of the power is neither held at the federal level nor shifted totally to the state level. The governmental entities work co-dependant of each other on a variety of issues and basically are trying to attain the same goals, just at different authority levels.
The “No Child Left Behind” policy is a great demonstration of how the federal government is closely involved with the educational practices on the state level. The states rely on the funding provided by the federal government for educational programs, equipment and staffing. Yet, ...view middle of the document...

The subjective role of responsibility is the focus of the issue presented.
There is no doubt that administrators today are tasked with the difficult job of serving the people, doing what is ethical and moral and being responsible for doing what is right. All of this occurring during a time when political pressure is stronger than ever. The Public Administrator is often pushed into a corner containing deadlines, budgetary constraints and the need to stay focused on the objective. An all too familiar story is one of the Public Administrator who has gone astray and cracked under pressure, giving in to political demands, corrupt systems or personal greed.
Yes, the Public Administrator is often in an awkward position, but that comes with the territory and can no longer be accepted as an excuse for ill performance that affects all members of the community.

Local Government: Clayton County School System Loses Accreditation in Georgia
The Clayton County School Board consists of nine citizens whom are elected to serve four year terms. The Board’s responsibilities include establishing general policies, setting tax rates for the County, approving expenditures, approving appointments, making informed decisions and overseeing the construction of new schools and in general serving the citizens of Clayton County by ensuring the children are receiving fair and equal educational opportunities. The Superintendent of Clayton County has the responsibility of managing the administration of the school district while also reporting to the Board any school needs, issues or progress. Somewhere along the way, the Board members of Clayton County lost their way. They became “caught” up in their own self-appointed authority and began to abuse the privileges attained while serving the public. These Board Members began to operate outside the “laws” of Public Administrators with no fear of being reported or reprimanded. All issues started when inappropriate usage of funds was questioned and board members contacted the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), to request an investigation.
In February 2008, a recommendation was submitted by SACS, for the Clayton County school district’s accreditation to be stripped. It took nearly one year from the beginning of the investigation to the action recommended by the organization. This was the first time, in 40 years, that a school system lost their accreditation. There was much at stake, and the SACS allowed the Board until September 2008 (7 months) to come into compliance with very strict guidelines defined by the organization. However due to politics, public outbursts, self absorbency finger pointing and blaming each other, the Board was unable to hear or see clearly and in the midst, lost the accreditation.
The Impact: Locally
The loss of the accreditation for Clayton County specifically meant losing all federal funding, (Title I, Title II and Title IV). For high school students it meant rejection by most...

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