The Impeachment Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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America was created on the principles of honesty, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Andrew Jackson exemplified these founding principles. This man insightfully closed a corrupt bank, preventing a possible financial meltdown in the world economy. He espoused the principle of federal law ascendancy and upheld nationalism by sending troops to prevent a civil war. Lastly, he did what was best for both settlers and Native Americans by issuing the Indian Removal Act. Demonstrating unparalleled foresight and dexterity, Andrew Jackson did what was necessary to move the country forward, thus making him one of the greatest presidents of the United States.

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com). In other words, since many Europeans deposited money in our national bank, if they happened to withdraw in immense amounts, our national bank would not be able to keep up with this money, causing our economy to go into a whirlwind and ultimately jeopardize the worldwide fiscal system. Therefore, Jackson displayed intuition and foresight when he shut down the national bank.

Showing great courage and leadership, Andrew Jackson held our nation together and maintained our sense of nationalism during the Nullification Crisis by ordering troops to go to South Carolina and prevented a civil war. He showed that federal law always prevails over state law, even if the people did not agree with it. The Tariff of 1828 proved to be the most controversial of its time. “The Northerners benefited because it raised the prices of imported goods, however the Southerners were enraged because the tariff indirectly lower the price of their raw products, since the foreigners could not sell their products” ( Especially in South Carolina, these people threatened to nullify the tariff and secede from the Union. This whole time, Jackson stood his ground and asserted that, “‘our federal union, it must be preserved!’ He would not destroy the country that he helped build” ( He reasoned that in both the House of Representatives and Senate, they passed the tariff. Plus, in any of the former Supreme Court cases like Gibbons v. Ogden, it ruled that the laws of the federal government trumped the laws of the state government; South Carolina unmistakably violated this rule. Thus, all three branches of government agreed that what South Carolina was doing was wrong. Jackson, as the President of the Executive branch, upheld his duties and responsibilities by sending troops to South Carolina. He stated, “The union is perpetual. It is not a union of states, it is a union of people, and once you are in that union you cannot get out” ( Jackson did not violate states’ rights in his dealings with South Carolina in the nullification crisis. In truth, he avoided a catastrophe that would have split the union apart, thus upholding our sense of nationalism. He made a judgment that would forever set an example to his future successors: the supremacy of federal law.

The dominance of federal law continued ever so present in the other controversial issues of our great Jacksonian Era. As you already know, Andrew Jackson, with the support and consent of Congress, passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 which removed the Indians off their lands east of the Mississippi in exchange for lands to the west. At this time, many people supported this act because they were eager to obtain more land to raise cotton. Although these lands were primarily owned by the Five Civilized Nations (Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole nations), Jackson felt that removing them from different parts of the country and relocating them would solve many...

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