The Importance Of A Earning A Collage Degree

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The Importance of Earning a College Degree
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The Importance of Earning a College Degree
I. Introduction
Earning a college degree is one of the most important goals that people want to achieve in their lives. It is important to find out the extent to which a college degree opens up doors of opportunities to graduates that have undertaken various courses. Many people argue that a college education allows a person to expand his abilities to focus not only on intellectual competencies but on other relevant areas as well. All factors that motivate people to pursue a college education will be discussed ...view middle of the document...

The modern professional environment has become very competitive and this requires people to have a wide range of skills and capabilities. People who are able to demonstrate that they have the required skills and competencies are assigned more responsibilities and this enables them to earn higher incomes compared to those with few skills. Therefore, it enables a person to progress in his career more rapidly than other people who do not have adequate professional skills.
A college education opens up doors of opportunity for a graduate. It makes it possible for a person to explore many options which are beneficial to his long term prosperity. It offers a graduate financial as well as intellectual freedom to engage in different types of activities which he finds rewarding. As a result, this empowers a person to think outside the box to come up with more appropriate remedies for challenges he faces in his life. Furthermore, a college degree enables a person to attain greater success out of his professional as well as personal engagements (Inman & Mayes, 1999). Since it equips an individual with the power to rationalize, he or she is able to come up with better judgments which guarantee long term financial stability and prosperity. Lastly, a college degree allows one to have a happier lifestyle compared to other people who have not had an opportunity to acquire a college education. Therefore, this ensures that a person has more control over the decision he makes because he understands how they will affect him in future (Suliman, 2007).
Education allows an individual to choose his own career path. It allows a graduate to plan various activities he wants to achieve out of his life by taking into consideration how such activities add meaning to his life. More importantly, a person is able to understand how various activities he engages in are beneficial to his long term happiness, which allows him to set priorities. A college degree allows a person to enter a profession that he finds interesting. Therefore, this enables an individual to assess his strengths and weaknesses to determine how they fit in with his...

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