The Importance Of Accountability And Communication

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The United State Army requires that all personnel and soldiers are accountable for themselves, their equipment and at times their fellow soldiers. AR 710-2 and AR 735-5 contain Army policy for property accountability and responsibility. In the military, what does accountability mean? Accountability and communication is important in the U.S. military because it allows your chain of command and unit commanders to know where you are at that moment. Accountability refers to the obligation of an individual to report formally to his superior for the proper discharge of his responsibility. It means showing up on time, and symbolizes responsibility. Both responsibility and accountability differ from authority in the respect authority can be delegated, while both accountability and ...view middle of the document...

Even the smallest of mistakes can get us or our battle buddies killed overseas, so it’s better to given corrective action to correct the small mistakes now. Doing the job correctly and ensuring others do it as well and do it safely are all part of accountability in the military as one does not have to experience combat to understand that just being in the military is inherently dangerous given the types of equipment and weapons that are used to train and deploy with. As an example any live weapons range you go to part of the safety brief is “everyone here is a range safety” meaning anyone can call a cease fire if they observe dangerous behavior or a situation regardless of rank and it can be a Colonel or a brand new private, such as myself. As such in that event everyone becomes accountable not only for the operation of the range, the mission objective to have everyone qualify but do it in a safe manner as well. Accountability also reflects the responsibility the unit has over each and every person in the unit. Everyone is required to report for duty so that the commander can verify that he or she has all unit personnel. Effective communication implies the clear expression of vision and values in order to more easily achieve your goals and mission. In this situation, I contacted my section leader the night before, who in turn contacted our platoon sergeant to ask if I could take my brother to the Amtrak station and be 30 minutes late for PT. My platoon sergeant said no, so I corrected the situation, got my brother a cab and showed up for PT the next morning. So in my opinion communication was not an issue in this situation, but I shouldn’t have asked to miss first formation for any reason other than an emergency.

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