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The Importance Of Assertiveness, Non Verbal Essay

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The importance of Assertiveness, Non-verbal

Communication and Time Management in the

Personal Development.

Nowadays personal skills are an essential form of communication. They include the ability to read and manage the emotions, motivations and behaviours of oneself and others during social interactions. People skills are combinations of interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills. People skills are critical to success. They are as important to the modern economy as are knowledge, information and technical skills. Interpersonal skills are not essential for managers only but they are important by accountants, nurses, secretaries and doctors. Also they cannot be developed ...view middle of the document...

Also assertiveness allows you to stand up for your rights when someone else is trying to infringe on them and it allows you to do this while expressing a full range of emotions. It can be compare with two other ways of behaving: over submissive behaviour which means be unsuccessful to stand-up for your own rights or doing so in such a method that can easily pay no attention to other people and aggressive behaviour which means abuse other people’s rights in quest of your own rights or interests. Furthermore Assertiveness according to Maureen Guirdham (1995) is simply the behaviour based on valuing yourself enough to insist on getting what you want and need by using reasonable and fair means. Also it helps to improve your self-confidence. It helps you to manage the feeling you make on yourself. To act assertively on a usual basis you need a positive self-manage and must consider that you can take action efficiently. One of the benefits of learning to do something assertively is that you start to moderator your performance to some degree separately of the response of the other person or the outcome of the communication.

Additionally assertiveness according to Stella Cottrell (2003) is respecting your own and others rights and needs. Rights are not all “human rights” by international agreement and may not apply in all countries or conditions. Some rights are sheltered by law, others are commonly held ideas about human rights. You may have to make a decision what rights are sensible or officially permitted for your own circumstances. Having the right to an opinion means you have the right to hold the belief, but not essentially to subject other people to abuse or harm as a result. Moreover assertiveness in “being clear and straightforward with other people” (Stella Cottrell, 2003). When we state our needs in a tranquil, clear, simple, manner then we are showing respect both to ourselves and to others. When other people know where you stand they can decide to respond in a suitable way.

The five Cs of assertiveness are COOLNESS-keep it don’t lose self control. CONSIDER the other person’s point of view. COMMUNICATE-feeling and flexibility. CLARIFY how you would like others to behave towards you. CONSEQUENCES-state them as you see them.

Also assertiveness according to Stella Cottrell (2003) is not being aggressive. It does not include anger, shouting, forcing other people to do what you want, physical force and aggressive body language. You have the right to feel angry or to yell in private, but not to express these to others in ways that might make them feel force into doing what you want. In addition assertiveness according to Stella Cottrell (2003) is not being passive. It does not include being: quiet about your own needs and interests, staying quiet when you want to speak out. This behaviour means they have to take responsibility for your needs.

Secondly body language is the non-verbal movements we...

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