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The Importance Of Being A Visionary Individual

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In our modern society, being a visionary individual is very important because we learn to be independent in whatever challenges that come before us.To create a mature person, it takes people who are closet to us to advise us. It is important to have support an individual to have vision. Without support, individuals may not have enough belief in their vision, to improve and it learns. In a football team, for example, the captain must never fail to believe his players’ ability and their potential to reach a higher level. There are many countries where football is their national sport, but they fail to achieve what they are supposed to because they have no vision. The reason behind failure is always due to a lack of belief in oneself and without belief; there is no drive to succeed.There is certainly a difference between the Eastern and the Western mentality. It is commonly noticed that the Westerners always say they are the best and that they are sure to win the first ...view middle of the document...

In order to do that, I will practice doing grammar workbooks and read plenty of books. Thus, I shall know whether I have improved or not. By achieving the targets we set, a feeling of satisfaction will eventually grow upon us. Slowly, it will make us set even more resolutions which in turn will cause us to work even g\harder to fulfill them. Knowing that we are improving ourselves, it is definitely a very good feeling.We must always be true ourselves. Discipline and determination are the main factors in succeeding. Just like the world-renown tennis player, Roger Federer, who is the first person since 1948 to win 21 consecutive titles in the tennis history. Before turning professional, Roger Federer rarely won any tournaments because he was mentally weak. By setting goals and working harder to achieve them and by being mentally stronger, he started winning. This is when visionary individuals prove to be capable of doing anything that they set their mind to.Tunku Abdul Rahman is a great role model to all Malaysians. He is the first prime minister of Malaysia. He is also the main person to have fought for the independence of our country. Tunku Abdul Rahman visualized Malaysia as being independent through strong leadership. If it was not for our ‘ Father of Independence’, we would still be under the colonization of the British government.To be a visionary individual, we must have a strong mind and a strong character. In this modern society, we must learn not to be affected by others. Even though the environment may be noisy and unpleasant, we must always be determined to find a way to tackle the challenges in life. There must never be excuses in achieving whatever we want because every problem that comes before us can be solved if we are determined, diligent and patient enough.Parents play an important part in moldering visionary individuals. Children should be allowed to voice their opinions to the adults that they look up to, in the face of many problems that come before them. Family support is also very important. Family members are the people who are the closest to us and thus help may be sought through family support.Being a visionary individual will not only help us in our future endeavors but will also help us to become a stronger person in facing all sorts of challenges in life.

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