The Importance Of Brand Image In The Purchasing Field

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Branding is « the process of creating a relationship or a connection between a company's product and emotional perception of the customer for the purpose of generation segregation among competition and building loyalty among customers »(Hislop, 2001). Therefore, this relationship has to be built in order to get loyalty and to create differentiation. Indeed, achieving differention for a brand is one of the keys to success. More precisely, in the retail industry, branding is an effective tool to stores to differentiate from one another because it will allow a store to get its target market to choose it over its competitors by providing a unique value to its customers. That is ...view middle of the document...

They will memorize them and will use them at first to differentiate brands from one another. Nevertheless, the emotional aspect is also important. Brands need to focus on customers’ perceptions, associations and interpretations because they will have a direct impact on the brand image and on brand loyalty.They will also be involved in the differentiation process that the customers will do but will have a more significant influence than the visible features. That is the reason why brand image and reputation are crucial, they will determine to a certain extent the brand equity and brand loyalty. However, brand loyalty is much harder to get because of the increase of similar new products from different brands that customers can find in stores. The emtional link highly depends on the marketing communication strategies such as advertising, public relations, sponsorship or social media. Those are the levers to control in order to make sure that the message sent to customers is the desired one which will help to perfect the brand image.
Branding is about creating cognitive structures that would help to make a choice between all the propositions of brands, which have considerably increased with globalisation. According to Tybout and Calkins (2005), branding is a tool to organize the consumers’ thoughts about the level of performance of the brand. It helps consumers to identify which products they like and dislike and to reduce the time of their decision-making process to purchase or not. It also allows consumers to evaluate the quality of the product according to the brand positionning for instance. Reducing the risks that consumers could perceive by purchasing a new product is another benefits of branding. If the brand is known and liked, there is more chance that consumers will buy the new product. Plus, they are less tend to compare the prices of different products, they will be more disposed to pay a higher price for a brand if they trust it. Finally, they can get a psychological reward from choosing a brand because they will associate the brand values to their own values or to the values that society defines as being positive, for example, fair trade brands or ethical brands. Thus, branding can be useful to achieve differentiation and that is one of the reasons why retailers have their own brand in their store. Besides, professional buyers in stores must take branding in consideration when they make decisions about which brands to propose to consumers. Diamond and Pintel (2008) explained that merchandise is the most important in stores and the buyer is the only one who is able to meet consumers’ needs by the choices he or she makes. It must suit their needs in terms of price, quality and individual tastes. So the buyer must select brands that have the most potential to be sold. To do so, the buyer needs to have a good up to date brands and products knowledge and to remain objective. He or she also has to have a good knowledge of the market in...

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