The Importance Of Class Behavior Essay

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Behavior is important in all aspects of life, and enables easy fit into society norms. Since behavior is so important, we should begin to put satisfactory behavior into practice at this age while we are studying in school, for example, in Science class. As much as we all like a relaxed environment in class, it is necessary that a clear distinction be made between "relaxed" and "out of control". For starters, students are expected to be on their best behavior during class time while the teacher is present. Behavior deals greatly with respect for others, for yourself, and for the teacher as well. Students are expected to ...view middle of the document...

Talking while the instructor or another student is speaking is inconsiderate and boorish behavior, which interferes with the rights of other students. It is within the instructor's authority to dismiss a student from class for talking for the remainder of the class period and we accept that. It is our responsibility to keep our mouths quiet when the teacher is lecturing and when class has begun, therefore we shall be willing to accept the mandatory consequences at this cost (writing this essay, for instance!). We hope to be in better behavior and treat the teacher and students with respect at all times while contributing to the best of our abilities when we are assigned. When the teacher is talking, students will listen intently and attentively, pretending they are interested in what the instructor is teaching, even if they are overwhelmed with boredom, as it is a definite manner of respect in which we strive to achieve.In conclusion, we, as a class, understand and accept that class behavior is of great importance in the Science class and the rest of our classes as well. If inconvenience has been caused to the teacher, please accept our most sincere apologies, knowing that we will restrain ourselves from showing rudeness during class time and be willing to accept any type of punishment if we fail to remain true to our word. May we keep it with a happy heart - Godspeed!

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