The Importance Of Collaboration In Team Meetings

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Collaboration means a supportive agreement in which two or more parties, which may or may not have any previous association, work together towards a common goal. Collaboration is very important in team meetings as collaboration requires trust and a sense of shared responsibility. Collaboration consists of five essential elements or techniques, which are required in order to have a successful team meeting.
Face to face interaction is the 1st element of collaboration. Team members must have convenient and regular opportunities to meet for discussions. If however, convenience is not possible, an effective communication system must be in place for meeting, such as phone or email. Positive ...view middle of the document...

The team should use an agenda during meetings, which needs to be reviewed before the meeting starts in order to add items and identify the amount of time to be spent on each item. In order to have an effective individual accountability, the meeting should consist of identifying the decisions that were made and tasks to be completed by a team member. Individual accountability identifies strategies for building a sense of responsibility. In doing so, each member of the team should rotate roles, share tasks, and praise the team or individual accomplishments.
Collaboration requires that all team members want to work together towards a common goal and based on a sense that all participants are valued. Collaboration embraces the unique perspectives of all team members and based on a strong sense of purpose. Collaboration is one of the key ingredients of having a successful team meeting.
In order for a team to successful accomplish a goal or a project, is essential for the team to implement and follow a plan. Several techniques and tools are available for the team to use to help achieve the goal. To select the best technique depends on the topic or purpose of the project. For example, students and professionals uses brainstorming; the most popular and effective problem solving technique when working on teams. Brainstorming is a technique in which team members share ideas on a certain issue until exhausting ideas also they interact with each other to be able to develop effective solutions by sharing their experiences and knowledge. Brainstorming can not only be use for academic purposes but also at work. A simple example may be when I ask my boss for vacation time; I have to give him a plan of the person who will be doing my responsibilities. Brainstorming will...

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