The Importance Of Creative And Cultural Industries In Britain Today

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The Importance of Creative and Cultural Industries in Britain Today

The creative and cultural industries play a huge part in the everyday
life of British society. In London, there is a variety of creative
industries ranging from musical theatre in the west end, to mime
artists working on the streets. There is dance, plays and much more
for an audience to choose. This can be considered important, as these
industries bring society together, and create a means of entertainment
for the people of Britain today. The Arts Council of Great Britain was
founded in 1946, one of the first national organisations of its kind
in the world (Hill, O’Sullivan & O’Sullivan, 1995). Its aims are to
develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the
arts, to increase the accessibility of the arts to the public
throughout Britain, and to advise and co-operate with departments of
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Lamos and Stewart (1983)
sees the audience as art receptors. The artist is the communicator and
the audience is his other self. He implies that an audience consists
simply of those who experience art. An audience can be thought of as
compromising all those with whom an individual or organisation has
some form of communication. For an arts organisation, this may include
all those who support the arts in any way, or who have an interest in
their development. Therefore, the arts can prove very influential and
important for audiences and those who want to be involved in the arts
community. In the long-term, the task of audience development is one
of improving access to the arts for a wide range of people, not just
those who are already committed attenders (Hill, O’Sullivan &
O’Sullivan 1995). This involves making the arts more accessible, and
to achieve this, arts organisations need to understand people’s
relationships with the arts and to identify the range of influences on
the decision to participate. These techniques should help an audience
get the most out of the arts.

Culture can create a huge influence on arts attendance. A culture
comprises everything in society that is created by its people. This
includes what kinds of behaviours and values are acceptable in society
which are passed down through many generations. Certain societies
place emphasis on creativity and leisure, and look upon supporting a
strong arts infrastructure and development on the arts and their
audiences as very important. Therefore it is important that the arts
industry is made readily available geographically and physically so
that all societies and cultures can fully experience this.


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