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The Importance Of The Minor Characters In 'romeo And Juliet'

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In William Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the major characters Romeo and Juliet whose strong and deep love for each other overcomes many obstacles, however, have a tragic end. This is not only caused by their own fate of these ‘star-crossed lovers’ and their temptation to suicide, other minor characters also affect and play a very important role in increasing the tragedy in this play. Friar Lawrence, who helps Romeo and Juliet an, is also to be blamed for causing their death. Similarly, the nurse, who is the bridge of love for Romeo and Juliet, is also responsible for the tragedy. Besides, some other minor characters including Tybalt, Mercutio, and the apothecary.

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She supports their love, helps them meet at the balcony secretly and helps deliver messages for the lovers. As Juliet’s only comforter and advisor in the Capulet household, nurse’s attitude and opinion has an important influence on Juliet. After Romeo’s banishment, the nurse changes her mind and suggests that Juliet should marry Paris. ‘I think it vest you married with the County. O, he’s a lovely gentleman. Romeo’s a dishcloth to him.’ The only person standing at her side betrays her, Juliet has no hope and attempts suicide once more. She has no way to go but to seek council from Friar Lawrence. The actions of the nurse gradually and eventually lead to their tragedy.

Furthermore, there are other minor characters that play a significant part in sealing the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt and Mercutio ignite the fight on Monday which leads to Romeo’s banishment by the Prince. If Tybalt never did that challenge and further slew Mercutio, Romeo would not be involved. The apothecary should also be blamed. With his earnestness, Romeo...

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