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The Importance Of Vocabulary In The Ell Classroom

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Alvarado, Myra
July 20, 2013
Article Critic
Dr. Romelia Hurtado De Vivas
Diane, A. Carlo, M., Dressler, C., & Snow, C. (2005). The Critical Role of Vocabulary Development for English Language Learners. LEARNING DISABILITIES IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS, 1-8.

This article was written to study the impact of vocabulary on ELL students in the classroom and the importance of it. In recent years, there has been numerous studies on ELL students and the impact on their learning when vocabulary has been a main focus in the curriculum. Testing our students and finding out where they need to be and where they are in literacy is crucial in building a core curriculum that revolves around ...view middle of the document...

This will make it easier to aquire new vocabulary and understanding of the word. There is aproximately 10,000 to 15,000 cognates, about a third of all vocabulary, that an educated person knows (Nash 1997). This research shows that teaching cognates to our ELL students is crucial in order to form a base in teaching a second-language. It will benefit the student when reading and comprehending, because many of the words they may read are cognates and will facilitate the transfer of information in both languages.
Learning strategies to teach ELL students how to aquire new vocabulary is essential to be an efficient teacher. Teaching vocabulary to the students so that they fully understand the word in depth is critical so that they can master the word and be able to use it. Also, as a teacher we need to gain knowledge on different learning styles and techniques so that we can fully hit all of our students and reteach the same strategy in different ways so that all children have the opportunity to learn. Vocabulary is a huge part of literacy and needs to be taught so that our children will become better...

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