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The Importance Of Work Life Balance In The Effective Management Of People At Work

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The importance of work-life balance in the effective management of people at work in contemporary organizations is now an issues faced by organizations to facilitate the demands of workers due to outside working commitments. WLB is a concept that supports the efforts of employees to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives (Heatherflied,)
Understanding the balance between work and life this topic has become an interested debated in businesses, the importance to manage work-life balance has been increasing over the past two decades (De Bruin & Dupuis, 2004). The effective management of people in work-life (WLB) balance requires ...view middle of the document...

Researchers identify two main realistic views within WLB that undermine its practical usefulness work-family and work-non work roles. Work-family is the most exclusive focus as it shows the expense of other important life balanced issues. In the changing workforce demographics towards work-family the major change is related to the need for family benefits is the number of females in the workforce has doubled within the last two decades. This addition, females are remaining in the workforce after marriage, children, and increase on dual career households. Add to this a larger number of single women with children in the workforce in the past two decades, and there is increased demand for family-friendly work policies.( Nixon) however Buzzanell et al, (2005) suggests that the typical WLB role conflicts for the marriage white female manager, with little reference to other demographics in todays modern organizations. Shorthose (2004) and Wise and Bond (2003) state that WLB discipline is totally flawed, as it’s a ‘one dimensional’ and undertakes a unitary human resource perspective.
.Generally, work is assumed to have a negative impact on life. However, closer
examination of the central concern, lengthening working hours, indicates that this
assumption is too simplistic. Importantly, it should be recognised that the premise of a
harmful long hours culture is misconceived; even more so when worker attitudes to
any long working hours are examined. Put more strongly, the long working hours
problem is being over-stated. First, historically, the UK and the rest of the EU have
falling hours of work (Roberts, in this issue). Second, although the UK has relatively
long working hours compared to other core EU countries, research by Flexecutive
(cited in Isles, 2004) found that satisfaction with work-life balance is effected more by
work colleagues than the number of hours worked. Sixty per cent of all workers are
satisfied with their working hours. Only a minority want to work more flexibly (22 per
cent). As Roberts argues, it may be that individual working hours are decreasing
whilst the hours worked by households are increasing with more dual income and
neo-traditional families as more women participate in the labour market. However,
even in dual income families in which both parents work full-time, less than a third of
respondents (29 per cent) in the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes 2003 said that
their hours of work are too long. This response is common across all other family
types: single parent, neo-traditional and breadwinner (Mitchell, 2005, p. 37).

The second relates to the literature’s inability to clearly define the interaction of work and non-work roles that impact employees’ working-life (i.e. stress, job satisfaction etc.). Elloy and Smith (2004) and Spinks (2004), for example, state that because an individual’s non-work roles are inherently ambiguous and idiosyncratic, organisations are incapable of...

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