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The Impossibility Of International Government Essay

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The inability to create on uniform worldwide government is a direct result of the lack of hard power instilled in an international body. The whole notion of a value system relies on the assumption that there is a governing body with sufficient power to punish those who do not abide by the sanctions set forth by that government. For example, would a police force be effective against criminals without the power to indict, arrest, or sentence them? In an environment in which no authoritative figure exists to deter such criminals from mindless acts rendering from any societal advancements, criminals not only disobey the law, but discard it from validity. The idea that any governing body can ...view middle of the document...

(Hunsinger, 2)The actions of the United States Army not only disregarded the sanctions of the UN Security Council but completely and openly ignored the Charter of the United Nations. The question of course is whether or not the United States, or any country for that matter, would regard an international government more so if it had significant military power. In the current world, because of the incredible costs of a military, an international force would have to be the result of joint powerful nations and their armies. Lincoln Bloomfield elaborates on this issue when he writes,We have postulated by necessity a willing acceptance of limited world government by the great powers. We then have to postulate further either its acceptance by or imposition on all other nations. " (Bloomfield et al. 20)Bloomfield goes on to describe the implications of this international government run by the powerful, and the result is the forcing of Western ideals onto nations of lesser development. The implications go on to create cultural overlap in which the lesser-developed countries suffer profit mongering and exploitation by the West. (Bloomfield, 37) Ultimately the power must lie in the hands of a truly international committee, not one ruled by the rich nations looking to get richer. Simply put, the central focus of the international committee must be to prevent exploitation of people all around the world, without favoring any particular culture. In order to do this it must be both objective and powerful, a combination not easily found in today's society.One sole governing body cannot account for the interest of global polity due to the diverse cultures and behaviors of international states. Naturally, the willingness of independent states to conform under one governing body is not only interpreted as an attack on sovereignty, but an infringement on individualism and culture. The notion of one single government must and will result in the creation of one massive melting pot of many lost cultures. The ramifications of such a conformed governing body can be seen at a grassroots level when Peter Schwartz writes,Instead of encouraging students to question their assumptions and the assumptions of their parents and society, multiculturalism demands that students accept blindly what they're given. Instead of encouraging reason and independent judgment, multiculturalism demands obedience to authority: the authority of the ethnic group. (Schwartz, 67)The criticism of a multiculturally governed education system applies to government in every way. While Schwartz uses the example of children learning, the same concept of blind obedience to other cultures can and must be related to all government functions such as law, education and social programs. The ramifications of not questioning the systems and social values of other cultures while accepting them as one's own leave the merging culture victimized and exposed to potentially unfavorable conditions and affairs. The...

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