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After the Civil War, Americans experienced what is now known as the Industrialization of the U.S., starting from 1865 and ending in 1890. The elements needed for industrialization are: abundant food supply, large and cheap workforce, natural resources (such as coal and oil), investment capital (money), fast, cheap and efficient transportation (railroads) and ingenuity and inventiveness. Many new inventions were created in this period, such as the telephone electricity, the phonograph, cable cars, electric street cars, lamps, the typewriter, etc. It is important to note that during the Industrialization Era, three important amendments were ratified to our Constitution. The first one to be ...view middle of the document...

The choice was difficult because the industrial job were more of a guaranteed and definite solution for a stable life than farming. Being faced with this decision, many people chose certainty and moved to the cities and towns for work. Although the industrial jobs were more secure, the working conditions of the labor were extremely dangerous. The workers also discovered they were powerless over their salary and working conditions with their employers.
The industrial growth of United States had additional social and political disadvantages. With the development of the railroad, and other industrial inventions, the need for raw materials, manufacturing centers, and markets mounted, and many conscientious Americans saw this as an opportunity to build profitable financial empires for themselves, as well as achieving the nation’s vision. These financial and manufacturing enterprises are known as monopolies, which are mostly illegal today. The monopolies did provide the economy with some advantages. They created the colossal and efficient corporations which contributed to economic growth for our nation. In the beginning the government did little to regulate the monopolies. The monopolies grew powerful and tried to wipe out competition and gain complete control of their industries. Sometimes business owners in the same industries would merge together and combine in effort to reduce and eliminate competition.
It was during this period in which the financial part of business gained great importance. Businesses could provide the money to fund the development of new technologies, establish new monopolies, or even expand an existing monopoly. These prevailing monopolies obtained huge economic power in the U.S. The business leaders of the monopolies held so much authority that they were able to take unjust advantage of the workers. The monopoles with few or no competition had the power to demand goods from the suppliers at a small cost, but charge higher prices for the consumers. The growth of these dominant monopolies created challenges to the law and government. This was because the corporations were able to control their suppliers, their employees, and their customers. The power of these significant monopolies threatened the authority of government itself and the stability of the democratic society in United States.
American workers realized that they were no match for the emerging economic world of the large-scale monopolies. The workers looked towards organized labor as a response to the problem of corporate power. They hoped that the government would control the power of the capitalist organizations and intervene with capital and labor. The hopes of the American workers were recognized, and the state and local governments created some legislations to help protect the rights of the workers (such as state minimum-wage and maximum-hour) and the interests of the consumers (laws regulating railroad rates or the quality...

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