The Influence Of Northern European Bloggers

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The influence of Northern European bloggers

What influence do bloggers have on fashion?


Nowadays, fashion blogs are all over the Internet, but what exactly is a fashion blog?
I will start out by a definition of a fashion blog and a definition of a fashion blogger.
Definition fashion blog: a fashion blog is an online medium where all sides of fashion are covered. This includes blogs about:
Runway trends
Fashion items, such as shoes and handbags
Celebrity fashion
Street style outfits worn by regular people
Definition fashion blogger: fashion blogger are ‘normal’ people, fashion fans, who decide to express their ...view middle of the document...

3 By theme

Most successful fashion blogs follow a particular theme or angle. Some narrow their field to one type of fashion item. Some specialize in a particular price point: usually either very high-end or very budget-conscious. Others may narrow it down to celebrity fashion, street style or may cover a mix of two or more of these topics.

It’s clearly evident that the presence of style bloggers, not only in visibility but also in influence, has flourished exponentially.
The rise of the fashion blogger has become a hot topic in the fashion community.
Why are bloggers so influential? Do consumers trust fashion bloggers more than established fashion authorities and magazines?
Regardless of their position, it is clear that fashion bloggers have become a new type of fashion authority. They type and the people listen… So why exactly is this?

In this paper I will try to answer these question as detailed as possible. To accomplish the answers to this question, I will consult as many sources possible and interview some of the bloggers I will discuss in this paper to get to known their point on view on blogging and the influence of bloggers.

1 What are bloggers?

1.1 When and how did fashion blogs get introduced in the fashion world?

Fashion blogs are a relatively new phenomenon, so no detailed published accounts of their history exist yet, but fashion blogs first appeared in the blogosphere prior to 2002. These early fashion blogs proved hugely influential to those who followed, offering personal opinions on fashion and inviting readers to comment.
In 2003, the first fashion bloggers were invited to New York Fashion Week but were not yet recognized by the industry.
Both the number of fashion blogs and the number of media mentions of fashion blogs has grown considerably since then. But there is considerable disagreement regarding the number of fashion blogs in existence.
In a February, 2006 Women Wear Daily article, Concoran stated:
‘There is an enormous, and growing, number of fashion and shopping-related blogs: about 2 million, according to Technorati Inc. Fashion blogs conclude slightly 10 percent of the 2.7 billion blogs the company tracks.
According to the website there are approximately 10,769 fashion blogs.

1.2 What is their contribution to the fashion world?

Before the presence of fashion blogs, we could only see the new trends on catwalks or in sparkling editorials and commercials on Vogue or in other magazines, where unreal models were shown like beautiful sculptures we could barely relate to. Nowadays fashion bloggers suggest new ways of wearing fashion pieces and trends. By this, fashion blogs have changed the relationship between the industry and the public tremendously.
Readers were looking for something that they could not find in the fashion press. Rather then being told what was ‘in’ by a magazine editor, blogs encouraged discussion and interpretation...

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