The Influence Of The Mission Statement In Strategic Management And Companies

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The Influence of the Mission Statement in Strategic Management and Companies

As we all know, most of the companies have their mission statement. Mission statements are a primary management tool (Bart and Hupfer, 2004) in the pursuit of organizational excellence. A mission statement is to make the company’s fundamental purpose briefly. It also answers the reason why does the company exist. The mission statement gives a clear description of the company's purpose both for those people in the organization and the public. For example, the mission statement of Canadian Tire reads (in part) says Canadian Tire is a network of interconnected businesses and it is growing. Canadian Tire continuous ...view middle of the document...

"; Developing Effective Vision and Mission Statements; Jay Ebben; Feb. 1, 2005) Actually a mission statement is a good way to help a company on its marketing. For example, the Wal-Mart’s mission statement is "To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people.” From what it says, we get the information that we can buy a lot of things from Wal-Mart’s, in another way it means the price of goods in Wal-Mart is very cheap. Customers would be very happy that the company is focus on what they want. It is what the customers really want.

The employees are very important to companies, so a good mission statement should be able to encourage their staffs. To make sure the employees can notice that the company needs them and explicit their own positions. When they are working they can see what they have done for the company; let them enjoy the contribution for their company. Klemm, etc. (1991) assert, task design process can be used to form new ideas, promote staff at every levels between common expectations. Campbell (1997) pointed out that, the task is of great value to the senior management personnel; work out an ordinary view, and as the firm's logo to hold together. It should lead the conduct like the Ten Commandments, delimiting appreciates and norms of behavior. In addition, he also pointed out that the senior management personnel's behavior verification or invalid statement of values. Coulson - Thomas (1992) also see the senior management staff of the mission statement for the correct implementation of the key. Matejka, etc. (1993) argues that tissue of a task; it is clearly through the incentive system, communication and strengthen the construction speed, direction and momentum in the firm. They said that the mission as a behavior guide effectiveness directly related to the staff between the same levels of commitment. Campbell and Yeung (1991) found that employee affective commitment most when the staff values and the company's match together. Members are working to standard, is worthy, lifting, practical. Related to this, Bart, etc. (2001) found that mission statement positively influence staff behavior, it is showed that the organization commitment, and establish an internal policy/plan support statement. The behavior of the staff to carry on the positive change has a direct impact on the company's financial performance.

Sometimes a good mission statement can brings a lot of good investors. As a business investor it is very important to choose a right company to invest in. It is also a hard work to choose one from so many companies, at that time a company with a nice mission statement can attract the investors, and they would have more chance to enlarge their companies than those companies who have no mission statement.

Mission statement is one of the strategy management processes; first the strategy management is a specific action, in order to achieve a common goal. This is the real meaning of definition and...

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