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The Insider Movie Critical Response Essay

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During the movie The insider, many problems occurred from situations inside the business, of which people were not aware. There was an ethical dilemma that was concerning one of the world's largest industries, and affected people throughout the world. By examining the ethical dilemma, factors which influenced the person such as the person and the organization, decision making and reviewing the bad situations. It is apparent that the ethical dilemma caused problems for many people and agreements were made that should not have been. In practice, people are often challenged to choose ethical courses of action on specific occasions where the pressures may be contradictory or great. Dr. ...view middle of the document...

When the producer of "60 Minutes" asked Wigand if he could inform the country of his knowledge about the cigarettes and their addiction, they did not make sure they could not be sued, this caused a problem for CBS. For years, Dr. Wigand knew that Brown & Williamson were producing cigarettes which had more health issues for their users; it was considered ad drug, but never said anything. The company did the same thing they also kept it a secret even though they knew their products were hurting people but they still denied that they knew that and they even lied under oath during the court hearing. The decision that Dr. Wigand made was that he would tell the public on "60 Minutes" of his knowledge he had about the cigarette company. Brown & Williamson did not have any care about those who used their products; just for themselves and the amount of money they could make. The company did not have any social responsibilities and for this reason, they failed as a business. During this whole situation many people were affected; Dr. Wigand's family, they got divorced because of this, Dr. Wigand himself...

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