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The Inspector's Role In An Inspector Calls With Close Reference To Eric, In Act Three Support You Ideas Further With Reference To The Inspectors Questions Of Other Characters

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The Inspector in an inspector calls has many roles here are just some of them.

I know that the Inspector is a catalist because he says on page 54 act three.''And my trouble is that I haven't much time.You will be able to divide the responsibly between you when I am gone.'' This is suggesting to the Birling's that he does not have much time and he does not care about what they say think or do or how they defend themselves. An example of this would be when Eric reviled that he got Eva smith pregnant, the Inspector asked Eric very quick formal questions, to get as much information out of him as quickly as possible. The reason why this makes the Inspector a catalist is because he is moving ...view middle of the document...

By implying this to Eric, and the audience, makes people think about what they do effects society. Witch is one of the main roles the Inspector has.

I know that the Inspector is a omnipotent because the Inspector seemed to know a lot about Eva Smith history and the Birling's history. I know that the Inspector know a lot about the Birling's histroy because the Inspector know that Mrs Birling was a member of the Brumley woman's charity I know this because the inspector said to Mrs Birling on page 42 act two. ''Mrs Birling you were a member of the Brumley woman's charity organization, aren't you? This suggest to the audience that the Inspector is omnipotent because he knew a lot about each of the Birling's histroy, even know he has only know'n they existed two hours ago. I also know that the Inspector is Omnipotent because he know a lot of Information about Eva Smith,even though he has only been investigating for two hours. I know this because he said on page 11. Act one. '' Two hours ago a young woman has died in the Infirmary this afternoon because she because she has swallowed a lot disinfectant.'' Another thing that suggest to the audience is his surname. ''Goole''. Sounds like 'ghoul' someone who has a morbid interest in death, a spirit which is said to take fresh life from a corpses.His existence is a result in the girl's...

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