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The Internet: A Gateway To Helpful Knowledge

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Many people believe that the internet serves mostly as a form of entertainment and a way to connect with friends and family. However, the internet has come to point where it has also become an invaluable source of information for education. Things such as Google, online libraries, and other such websites allow most people to have easy and fast access to information. After all, most searches on the internet simply require a person to type in a few keywords in order to find related information. This effortless access to the internet not only means access to an immense amount of information, but also means it can be accessed by the vast majority of people no matter the level of their own ...view middle of the document...

This resource becomes invaluable when creating research papers, learning about subjects, or even completing homework in a limited amount of time. After all, search engines like Google filter down the knowledge that would normally be spread out in a number of books and narrows it down to a specific topic or fact in a matter of seconds. In addition, the rapid discovery of such information allows people to apply the education learned instantly in either classroom situations or real life situations. Not only does this easy access allow people to specify what they want to know more about, but it also encourages people to go out, find, and use this accessible information. As one author pointed out, "the average teen chooses to spend an average of 16.7 hours a week reading and writing online...teens today read and write for fun" (Goldwasser, 288). As more information becomes available on the internet, the more people will read and learn because the internet has become the preferred and straightforward method of educating themselves.
Not only does the internet grant almost instantaneous access to information, but it also allows most people to have access to a vast amount of information that would not normally be available in a local public library. With more and more libraries, books, and even classrooms becoming available online, education has become more digital. Whether the information be about health, science, math, or almost any other subject, the internet is sure to have at least some information or expert opinion available. As one article pointed out, the New York Public libraries is becoming more of a meeting center and for nostalgia because about 35 thousand books have becoming available online and even more are planned to be (Kastenbaum). This is equivalent to basically having an entire library on one's laptop or computer. The amount of data and education available on the internet is unsurpassable by most physical libraries.
The internet can be easily used to supplement and encourage education because it is so wide spread. It has come to a point where having internet is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity and commonplace. The UN even declared that over two billion people use the internet and that access to...

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