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The Interplay Of Powers Essay

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The interplay of powers and influence within the state remains to be a significant instrument shaping domestic policies. In here, the dynamics that happen among politicians create the necessary framework for change that then outlines the relevant parameters shaping and honing the way rules and standards apply. Though such processes may deem to be irrational and lead towards detriment rather than growth, it the ability of politicians to dictate outcomes that permeate within societies. This is thus a clear indication of how market failure emanates and takes its effect.
Reflecting on the interviews and videos, it can be seen that the idea of farm subsidies remain to be a crucial component showcasing the capacity of politics to redefine norms and standards. It is through this that the overall processes associated with it falter due to its inability to actively find responses relevant and influential towards change.
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It can be seen here that the outcome of such bill initiated last 2007 was a clear indication of how such sphere of influence affects the nature of politics with limited or no consideration whatsoever with the general consequences both locally and internationally.
Comparing this setup to the notion of the past ideas surrounding iron triangles, things have dramatically changed both on the policy issues and the overall goal and implementation. Before, the rule and interplay of powers served as a good avenue to check and balance the tone and influence of politicking between members of the government and interest groups. However, today this notion has been replaced by money and influential politics. It can be seen that highly organized lobbyist are those who have the capacity and resources to instigate campaigns and foster influence necessary to provide changes.
Even though such trends remain to be evident, there have been constant changes and manifestations that showcase a renewed political thinking that is geared towards ensuring accountability and redefining the way the iron triangle works. In here, the conditions for development and growth does not rely mainly on influential politics, rather it is rooted on key issues that shapes public policies and political affairs.
At the same time, there are also numerous groups who continue to clamor for changes in the way the executive and bureaucracy address specific changes. In here, it does not only seek to dwell into issues that are based on popularity or influences. Rather, it seeks to determine what Americans need the most; the basic fundamentals that makes it distinct among other nations and states. It is in here that the new president shall take an active role in the formulation and development of key objective policies and designation of qualified and competent individuals in office.
In the end, the idea of politics shall always revolve and dwell on the notions of power and influence. However, if these actions shall be based on the basic rule of rationality and effectiveness, better decisions can be made and foster areas for the citizenry to evolve, grow and develop the way it’s supposed to – forward and beyond.

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