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Professional use the three different phases in the helping process of their clients. this are the three phases, Assessment, planning and implementation. During the helping process, the helping professional must be aware that the client does not simply have an issue with just one aspect of their lives. It will likely never be just a lack of food problem, or a child care issue, or even a transportation dilemma. Problems for clients are rarely single issues, and the helping professional should always expect that there will likely be a honey comb of challenges to face. In fact, one problem can be ...view middle of the document...

These perspectives are assimilated into the individual to create the whole person that the human service professional experiences.
“The second phase of the helping process is planning”
The Human Services professional is exposed to many different cultures, and personalities. It is their job to be open and accepting to different cultures that they may not ordinarily find conventional. The helper will also experience demanding and reluctant clients, who either think they deserve more than you provide them, or are unwilling to accept assistance at all. The helper must learn to set boundaries for these clients, teaching them to be more self-reliant without losing their trust, but at the same time making strides to improve their quality of life.
“The third phase of the helping process is implementation”
Human Services clients can face obstacles/problems of all kinds. The term client can describe a person, a family, or a group of people in a particular area or neighborhood. The Human Services providing the “helping process” will need to develop many different skills in order to service each client within such various levels, “It starts when service delivery begins”, the helper must inform the client about other agency’s re and the services they provide, also the human services professional must provide the client with information about the community resources. The effectiveness of the helping process depends upon how well the Human Services worker’s skills are. If they are not very experienced and are dealing with a complicated client, they may want to either ask for additional support or transfer the client to a better equipped professional. Because the helper has the information that the client is in need of and also the knowledgeable professional, it is the helper’s responsibility to establish a trusting relationship. Once the relationship is established, the helper must become familiar with the client’s problems or issues.
The Human Services professional is exposed to many different cultures, and personalities. It is their job to establish and identify the ethical standers codes, and make sure there is an understanding from the client, and must be addressed during each phase, to be...

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