The Invasion Essay

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With a hazy memory, early one friday morn'
I woke from my sleep, with emotions torn
Another tiresome day of high school,
socialily is pleasant, the assignments are cruel

I arrived at school, everything had changed
The hallways were empty, the silence was strange
Down the hall I slowly walked, filled with fear
I heard a noise, it sounded quite near

It was a strange man, holding a knife in his hand -
I approced him slowly, then I questioned the man
Without a response he stood there, silent like a mouse
blood leaked from his eyes, my emotion's aroused

atrociously terrified, I was left shaken -
hours passed, before I was awakened
alarms sounded loudly, lights flickered ...view middle of the document...

found most of the rooms already empty

I looked through a small window, to peak outside
and the sight i saw just made me cry
people were screaming ; fire falling from the sky
it struck my friend as i watched her die

I looked to the sky, which was dark as night
and what i saw, was lacking delight
the most frightful thing, right before my eyes
with horns so sharp, the mouth oversized

Creatures like demons, hungry for flesh
invading our world, lusting for death
The most atrocious beasts, that's ever seen
devouring humans, for their energy

the fire breathing aliens, they came from above
leaving nothing alive, not even a dove
any creature seen, by the monstrous fiery things
burned to their last breath, then consumed instantly

like towering ships, they roared louder than thunder
speaking a language, leaving me to wonder
are these aliens evil, or only corrupted
either way, they are massively destructive

they spotted me inside, and fire started flight
somehow i'm alive, though the school did not survive
the building caught fire, i've never been so scared
the flames grew strong, leaving me visually impaired

trying to escape, with minimun pain
I ran through fire smoke and flames
then we collided, and I was ashamed
You gave me your hand, you didn't betray

my mind couldn't obtain, all the words she explained
these alien things, unnaturally insane
everything distroyed, across our homeland's terrain
i searched hopelessly, nothing human remained

from over my shoulder, there was a screeching (pain)12
To my dredful surprise, it wasn't jane
An ungodly creature, spotted walking our way
scattering away, the fire lead us astray

separated and afraid, i shouted her name
without a response, her shadow shown through flames
shadowing her movements, I tripped and fell
into a hulking hole, captured by the earths cell

my ankle was twisted, overflowing with pain
i screamed with anguish, quickly came jane
pulled me out anxiously, saving my only brain
i strived to run, but my ankle restrained

while hopping in pain, i hopelessly explained
i cannot proceed my ankle is strained
forget about me, run home to your family
Escape this world, leave this catastrophe

ignoring my words, she assisted like a cain
helping me escape the fiery flames
step by step, heading towards her family's place
when we arrived, tears rolled down her face

her was family gone, killed and devoured
her tears turned to anger, her soul soured
nothing was left, not even a flower
the house was now ash, because of a fire

weeping and sad, she feel on her knees
i feel to her side, to comfort her needs
she held me close, as we watched the breeze
blow the ash away, and her memories

the tears dried up, slowly her anger died
covered in ash, we were disguised
hidden from danger, we rested our eyes,
until dawn's light, we slept through night


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