The Islamic Gold Dinar Essay

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AbstractThe paper that I am writing is about the possible change in the nature of the current monetary system prevalent in many of the countries, including Muslim as well. The nature of the change that I will further elaborate in details will be in the form of the implementation of new monetary system, where gold will be playing the dominant role replacing the position currently held by paper money. The issue of adopting Islamic gold dinar system is one of the hottest and pertinent issues nowadays, because many developing countries, headed by majority of Muslim countries, are contemplating about the possible change to Islamic gold dinar system as one of the ways to shield their economies ...view middle of the document...

....................................................................................18Bibliography......................................................................................19The Islamic Gold DinarIntroductionOne of the most pertinent and relevant issues nowadays that are of major concern of many countries is to find the ways to build concrete and stable financial, monetary system that will be less vulnerable to speculative attacks, improve trade and increase the economic situation of a nation. There have been many discussions and talks about the return to the gold standard, which can make a significant change in the international monetary system of the world. The feasibility of implementation of such a system is reflected in the fact that gold constitutes the largest component in total reserves of the international monetary system after dollars. One of the main reasons that persuaded some countries to consider the possibility of the return to the golden standard is the fact that the present international monetary system can neither manage the interdependence of the currencies nor stabilizes prices. The dollar became the center of the system and the world started to depend on dollar rather than gold. This disorder, chaos in the system produced its negative effects in the form of financial crisis, huge debts, and all the negative consequences of the system fell on shoulders of developing countries. As the reaction to improper and inefficient functionality of the system, leaders of these countries began to consider the possibility of returning to the gold standard that will shield their economies from the future speculative attacks. So that initial step towards finding solutions to the existing problem was done by the prime minister of Malaysia Mahatir Mohammad after the financial crisis that heavily hit countries in the South East Asia. The plan was to start using the Islamic gold dinar aimed to prevent another currency crisis of the scale happened once in 1997-98. In addition, the implementation of new currency will reduce the dependency from US dollar, and lead to unity and cooperation among Muslim countries as the result of trade and economic cooperation. It will also lead to the establishment of a united Islamic market, as Euro market. Apart from the economic benefits, the gold dinar proposal also has a political dimension to it. Nowadays the entire monetary system is used as the direct tool for controlling and creating dependence of developing countries from it. This fact can be illustrated by bringing an example of International Monetary Fund, and other financial institutions which are established with the purpose of controlling and manipulating the policies of developing countries. Thus, all nations, Muslim or otherwise must consider a system like the Islamic gold dinar to protect their sovereignty. Therefore this move should not be delayed, because due to increase in capital mobility and financial liberalization, as a direct...

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