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The Issue Of Power In The Christian Life

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Paul's teaching on God's Power for Christian living.
In chapters 6-8, Paul discusses a pertinent topic about the effect of the gospel on people's lives, mainly people's sinful nature. In verse 15, he asks a particularly pertinent question concerning sin; “What should we say then? We should not sin because the law does not rule us but rather God's grace” (Romans 6:15). For if it is only faith that justifies us to live a gracious life. What is the incentive for living a holy life? Why do we not just have the best of both worlds? Paul argues that if one were a slave to a bad master, and gets a new master who is guiltless, one would still want to work occasionally for the bad master (Graham, ...view middle of the document...

For if God could let his son to come to the world and die for us, he cannot refuse to give people all things. For God loved the world that he gave his son, that whosoever believed in him shall have an everlasting life. (KJV, John 3:16)
How the Holy Spirit is involved in giving believers godly power for living.
Paul tells us that we cannot be free from the flesh while we live. Jesus said in Romans 6:10 that we consider ourselves to be dead to sin. However, we do not have to serve sin if we manage to void people's allegiance to flesh. We can, by the Holy Spirit, be set freed to be servants of Christ. For people's past allegiance to flesh, Paul says we can void it only by death. We are free from the flesh’s ruling over us, but people could still serve their old self. The solution to this is that we should be convinced that flesh destroys; otherwise we could still follow and listen to it. The question now is: are we convinced? Paul distinctively set out the case in Romans 7:22 to 8:10. He says that whenever he went back to the old nature, he would serve himself and bear evil results. He always yearned to be Christ’s servant, so that he could live in accordance with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The flesh will certainly bring death due to its hostility to God. People need not live in accordance to their bodies (Graham, 1978).
We should humble ourselves through stating that service to own self is not satisfactory. This essentially means dying to self. In this regard, we decide to be of service to the Spirit, which in essence is Godly power for living. We begin to grow when we recognize the complete nature of rebellion of flesh and on the other end the power of new life at the hand of Christ’s life (Alexander & Alexander, 2002).
Ways to develop greater Godly power for daily Christian living and how to put those ways into practice.
One way to develop a strong, Godly power for day to day living is through humility. Graham (1978) asserts that Christ was humble enough to die on the cross for sins. He died, to sin only once; that the life he lives, is to God. We should, therefore, know that we died to sin, and live to God through Jesus Christ. Though often neglected, humility stands out among foundation teachings to a fruitful and growing Christian life. In truth, humility is the key to incredible...

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