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The Issues With Closing Guantanamo Essay

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The United States military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been occupied by over 700 Middle Eastern men suspected of terrorism since 2002. It has been home to some of the most heinous suspected terrorist to ever walk on this Earth. What to do with this military base, has been a major source of conflict within our nation and with other nations for over a decade, with no real reasoning substantial enough to close the base. Although our government has come forward and declared that interrogation methods used on some of the detainees has been unethical and has broken some United States laws. But closing Guantanamo Bay is a task that should not be pursued, because it causes more problems to ...view middle of the document...

During the BBC documentary, that shed light to what truly takes place behind the walls of the facility, an American citizen’s heartfelt message to President Obama to continue with the commission hearing to seek justice she stated “you must purse justice for the 3000 victims of September 11th and I ask this in my son Justin’s memory”(Portillo). Justin’s mother’s heartfelt outcry, shown in the documentary, to the President and to the United States government that justice has still not been reached for the deceased or their loved ones. This is a reminder to those that even for a second consider closing this facility that these three thousand people that lost their lives not only were robbed of the opportunity to live fulfilled lives, but also to take part in the lives of their loved ones. The pain that the nation went through during this time has ran deep throughout the nations core and this pain has been reflected in countless efforts to avenge the death of the ones lost during this attack and to prevent others like it. If we were to take the approach of releasing the prisoners we would not only be releasing criminals back into the worlds’ society, but we would also be neglecting the feelings of many Americans.
It’s very easy to just simply state that the ones housed in this military facility should be tried in a court of law, but finding a place to actually do this is not possible without causing extreme amounts of turmoil and cause more pain than good. In the documentary produced by the BBC, discussed how some New Yorkers have had such a great negative outlook on trying the military combatants in New York that plans to do this are no longer possible (Portillo). As they protested throughout the city of New York the deep emotion that they felt was very evident this outpour of disgruntled feelings of trying the accused terrorist on the very soil that they sought out to destroy is felt throughout the entire country. Personally I think that if the United States government took to more of the stance that they similarly take with people suspected of other terrible crimes such as rape or murder and continue to house them at the Detention center in Guantanamo Bay for the safety and peace of mind of the citizens in our country that the government is supposed to be protecting. . If we took this approach of bypassing justice we would not have five of the accused September 11th attackers facing charges and awaiting a military trial (Guantanamo). Justice is a core value that our nation that has been ingrained in our nation since its existence and to not exhaust all the resources that we can use to obtain justice is a dishonor to our nation.
Governmental Relationships
The closing of Guantanamo bay is a very delicate governmental issue that has been at large for over a decade, but even with all that time with it being a prominent issue there is still no sign of governmental union on this issue. Without having the central government on one accord...

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