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The Jiliting Of Granny Weatherall Essay

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Think, when you were a child you probably were mistaken for many things, I know I was. When I was a young boy I thought that chores were a great thing because it always made my mom happy. When my mom was happy I got happy. When I grew older I found out that chores weren’t the best thing but they can help you later on in life. The same idea is in this story but it doesn’t have to do with work. This is about a boy and his idea about war.
The major theme in this story is his teachings from his father were inaccurate in which lead him to believe that war was a great thing. “In his younger manhood the father had been a solider, had fought against naked savages and followed the flag of his country into the capital of a civilized race to the far South” (Bierce 1). H The ...view middle of the document...

He thinks that war is a great thing, but it’s not, and he does not understand that many people die in wars and that his father is lucky to survive. Another quote that explains this theme is. “Made reckless by the ease with which he overcame invisible foes attempting to stay his advance, he committed the common enough military error of pushing the pursuit to a dangerous extreme, until he found himself upon the margin of a wide but shadow brook, whose rapid waters barred his direct advance against the flying foe that had crossed with illogical ease” (Bierce 1).
Imagery is used throughout the whole story. When the boy’s father is showing him the pictures you can picture them sitting down together and showing the boy the picture of you when you were in your prime. There is a quote in which you can make a picture of. “Then, for more then an hour, he wandered with erring feet through the tangled undergrowth, till at last, overcome by fatigue, he lay down in a narrow space between two rocks, within a few yards of the stream and still grasping his toy sword, no linger a weapon but a companion, sobbed himself to sleep” (Bierce 2). In this quote you can picture the boy falling asleep near a creek in the woods. Another quote that relates to imagery is. “The unnatural prominence nose, and absence of chin, the fierce eyes, gave the man the appearance of a great bird of prey crimsoned in throat and breast by the blood of its quarry” (Bierce 3). Imagery is a big part of this story.
In the end the boy realizes that war is not something you would want to be looking forward to. He also learned that his father was really lucky to survive and be able to share his experiences with his him. It is especially hard for a deaf mute child to comprehend correctly. Many of them are mislead.

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