The Kashmir Earthquake Essay

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The Kashmir Earthquake
At 08:50:38 (GMT), on the 8th October 2005, an Earthquake occurred
affecting a place called Kashmir. The Earthquake registered 7.6 on the
magnitude scale. It was a major Earthquake. In Pakistan itself the
earthquake occurred five hours earlier due to the time difference. It
was the strongest earthquake for 70 years in Pakistan or India.

Kashmir itself is a disputed part of Pakistan, however at the moment
it is still an area which is being administered partly by Pakistan and
partly by India.

Death tolls were horrifically large in Pakistan as local authorities
reported that around 52,000 people died in Pakistan and approximately
2,000 were killed by this catastrophe in the ...view middle of the document...

The UN say that more than 4,000,000 people
were affected by this monster. Disease has already started to spread
rapidly and many have died already. Many of them are at risk of dying
from the spread of disease. It was the strongest earthquake there, for
70 years.

[IMAGE] The earthquake has also unsettled the disputes among this
region. The area has already been fought over for many years by the
Pakistanis and the Indians. However, after the event, the disputes
have erupted into chaos in both political and geologic areas.

Kashmir lies right in the shadow of the Himalayas, probably the most
dangerous mountain range in the world. It stretches across 1,500 miles
from China to Pakistan and is the world’s youngest mountain range and
is by far the most dynamic. They were formed not to long ago when
India broke away from Pangaea and moved across the ocean until it
collided with Eurasia on the other side of the world and began to
press itself North, and under the extreme pressures the Himalayas were
formed. As India is ever pressing North at a rate of 1.6 inches a
year, earthquakes and landslides are frequent in the area.

However the dangers haven’t seemed to cease the ever-growing
population of the area. Most of them in the Kashmir region are Muslims
who live in the town of Muzaffarabad, and a small percentage of the
population are Hindus, who claim the rights for the ancient region of

India, though they claim the rights of the ownership of the area have
offered little sympathy or help to the damages done.

The region of Kashmir still remains extremely tectonically active
however people still refuse to leave. With such a great population and
such frequent disasters, many more catastrophes should be foreseen in
the future of the area.

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