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T He King Lives Essay

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“King Gilgamesh Lives”
Mesopotamia the earliest ancient civilizations known to us, throughout the years we’ve uncovered many artifacts, stories, and literature but still very little is known about this magnificent civilization and their culture. The findings of clay tablets with the story of the “Epic of Gilgamesh” portrays important information that helps us try to understand this advance civilization. The epic depicts the Mesopotamian’s usage of language, belief system, and their views on death as for afterlife.
Mesopotamian usage of language was expressed through the writing system cuneiform, a written system that was expressed through mixed symbols, pictures, and ...view middle of the document...

The construction of ziggurats, temples that were build tall in height and implemented with different levels to be devoted to a certain deity that was patron god of that certain city. The different levels of the ziggurats were features that made them seem different, unique, but also to show the importance of that certain deity and to demonstrate how the gods are over humans. The creation of mankind in Mesopotamia was believed to be the doings of certain deities in order to serve the god’s. The “Epic of Gilgamesh” portrays a closer look at Mesopotamia’s belief system. The Epic showed how the religion in the Mesopotamia was vital to them; an example is the way it’s depicted by illustrating the actions of Aruru mother goddess and creator of humankind. The goddess hears the pleading of citizens of Uruk, for they pled to end the tyranny of the mighty Gilgamesh. Aruru then washes her hands, takes a pinch of clay and creates the salvation of the citizens and Gilgamesh match, Enkidu. By creating a fair opponent for Gilgamesh, both in strength and courage, the tyranny of Gilgamesh diminished and his focus is then lured towards greater adventures and success, next to his new companion Enkidu. The actions of Aruru demonstrated Mesopotamians that if one believes, the gods shall reword you.

Mesopotamians viewed death as a creation from the god’s, for the deities can take life when they please. Mesopotamian still dreaded the thought of death, for their afterlife would be miserable for there was no heavens as in other cultures and they would still be in servitude to the deities of the netherworld, a land of no return. The “Epic of Gilgamesh” shows the Mesopotamian view on the wrath of the gods if betrayed. This...

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