The Kings Of The Old Testament

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The Kings of the Old Testament
Harrold Herring says, "If you have wisdom . . . You can get wealth but without wisdom you will never get nor keep wealth (Herring, 2015)". Being a king is more than what you reap or sue. It's more than what you look like or who is by your side; it's how you lead your people and why you want to drive them. Our King of Kings is all this and more, but the people of Israel didn't see this. They focused more on their wants and needs instead of relying on the real God, his guidance, and direction.
During the time of Samuel the people of Israel thought they needed a king. Before the time of Samuel, the people of Israel were ruled by judges. In the book of Judges, ...view middle of the document...

He was caught up in his image instead of truly leading his people in the right way. Because of his disobedience to the law and God he fell into disfavor with God. Samuel said to him, "I will not go back with you. You have rejected the word of the Lord, and the Lord has rejected you as king over Israel"(1st Samuel 15:26)
After Saul was rejected as king by God David became king. David wasn't like Saul he was a man after Gods own heart. David trusted God, he showed mercy to the people, admitted when he was wrong and prayed to God daily. David was a king who loved is people and wanted what was best for them no matter what the outcome was. He was the real definition of a great king. The greatest of his battle was when David fought Goliath and declared his full trust in the Lord. Jacob Wright says, "King David is like no other figure in the Hebrew Bible. We know David as majestic king and lowly shepherd, as a valiant warrior and soothing singer, as a ruthless killer and passionate lover, as enraptured dancer and pious saint" (Kirsch, 2015).
Saul wasn't the only one who fell into the Covenant Disobedience, Solomon did many of great things but fell short by marrying foreign women and engaging in polygamy. Not only did he accumulate many of wives but he loved them. Solomon also relied more on his riches and his power than God allowing his pride to get in the way of his spiritual growth. Although...

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