The Lady In The Lake And The Woman In White

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The Woman in White – Chosen extract Elyssia Leeman 6.2 20th November 2014
In this particular section Collins uses the theme of crime and criminals and this is associated with the sensational genre and the theme of criminality. Throughout this extract there is a specific word choice based around crime and the theme of gothic horror. The theme of secrets also fits in well with this section as the by being the reader we can question the language used by Collins in Walters perspective.
Collins in this extract shows Walters devout love for Laura from his perspective. Collins shows how much Walter is hurting and missing Laura. ...view middle of the document...

In the first paragraph Collins already introduces the theme of secrets first in the opening line and then the narrative of ‘I left my narrative in the quiet shadow’ as the reader we question further the bigger picture of why Walter constantly says he wants to leave behind Limmeridge yet he is always re-mentioning the house and his love for Laura.
In the novel the use of language enhances the theme of mystery in the first paragraph when Walter is explain what is going on, We look at Collins’ choice of words and it is very mysterious, his particular choice of ‘clue…windings…untangled’ we can infer that Walter is suggesting the clue’s that he needs to find to prove his beloved Laura is still alive and she is being set up by Fosco and Glyde as they want her inheritance. Untangled suggests that Walters hands are tied and he doesn’t know what the later problem is and he doesn’t know how to get himself and Laura out of it. This word choice shows how Collins’ wants the reader to re-think and get more involved in the novel. Walter is using relevant words to put into the crime and sensational genre.
Collins then changes the scene from the idea of him looking back on Limmeridge to where he is now. Collins uses the language of ‘Populous...

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