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Pidgin is a dialect of English spoken in the Hawaiian Islands. It consists of theshortening of many words commonly used in everyday English speech. Some examplesinclude, da (the), odda (other), Tre (meaning tree and three), bra (anyone you know), dakine (anything you don't know), cus (any friend), and many others. Pidgin has it's socialbarriers as well. It is primarily spoken in the lower class neighborhoods consisting of theHawaiians and the Filipinos. The dialect has been associated with the members of theseneighborhoods and their problems, such as, alcoholism, illiteracy, and a poor standard ofliving. I come from a ...view middle of the document...

The pidgin dialect is a major part of life in the lower class Hawaiianneighborhoods. For most children in these neighborhoods it is the language spoken athome. The other people of the islands look at this dialect as a sign of a poor educationand up-bringing. My mother did not want her son associated with such a group ofindividuals.When I started school at Maunawili School and began to pick up Pidgin and startto speak it at home she took it upon herself to change me. At this time she was teachingsixth grade at Keolu Elementary. She saw how her kids could not speak proper English,only Pidgin. Many of them also wrote in Pidgin, something I had begun to do. Mymother saw this behavior and forced me to change. My parents put me in PunahouSchool, one of the best private schools in the nation, to facilitate this change. It may seemthat she did not want me to grow up proud of my Hawaiian heritage, but that is far fromthe truth. She taught me to respect the culture for its beautiful aspects, the hula, and theHawaiian Language. My father taught me about the ain'a (land). He showed me how theHawaiians of yesterdays believed the ain'a to be the physical representation of their beliefsin their gods. He showed me Pele's (the fire goddess) home in Kilauea volcano, then herwrath when the lava from her vents destroyed many homes in Pu'u O'o and many otherexciting aspects of the culture. I was told to keep with the traditions that make meunique, both Hawaiian and Haole.

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