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The Last Circus Essay

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We all go through different stages of development in our life, and some of these stages are not as easy as others. At some point every little child needs to leave his or her childhood and grow up, because no matter how much you want to, you can’t stay a child forever. The development from a child to an adult is an extremely sensitive and tough period. The things you used to know suddenly change and become something completely different. It is this kind of development we see in the short story “The Last Circus” which is published in 1980 and writhen by Ray Bradbury. The development is shown through the main character and is brought up in many various ways.

The short story is based on the ...view middle of the document...

He goes through a development, witch Red Tongue doesn’t. Red Tongue’s name even symbolizes youth and that he doesn’t go through a development – (Page 81, line 1-2).

The story takes place during the Cold War in the 1950s. At that time there were atom bomb hysteria in America because of the nuclear war, which occurred at the end of World War II. The United States was at that time the only country that had nuclear weapons, but in 1949 the Soviet Union did a nuclear test on an atomic weapon, called RDS-1 and later in 1952 the USA tested the first hydrogen bomb2 on the Marshall Islands. After the testing the islands were turned in to toxic fumes and dust. This frightened the American people, because they were afraid that there would be a future nuclear war. This are reflected in the text. Douglas's father is extremely worried and fears his own doomsday. He tells Douglas all his worries about the war, but children at his age shouldn’t worry about such serious matters. This is a part of what starts his development – propulsion of having to grow up fast.

The story is written with a single major character viewpoint and is therefore told with a first-person narrator whom is Douglas. The reader discovers everything in the story at exactly the same time as Douglas does. It allows the reader all the descriptive forces of the third person-narrator and almost as much intimacy as the first person-narrator. It can also be easier for the reader to identify with just one character, which in this story is the main character, Douglas. The narrator can be a bit untrustworthy because it is just told from one point of view, and especially since the narrator in this text is a child....

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